Growth Facts

Tahiti™ Hibiscus

Hibiscus syriacus 'Mineru'

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Bring a bit of the South Seas to your backyard. Our Tahiti™ Rose of Sharon Tree will brighten up your patio, pool, deck, or entryway garden with bodacious summer blooms that have a tropical feel. Now don’t get us wrong. Tahiti™ may look tropical, but it’s no hothouse flower. This Tree Form Hibiscus, with its big, semi-double, pink-purple flowers, will make you think Palm Trees and beaches and pineapples, but it’s not actually tender at all—it’s cold-hardy down to -20°F! It will come back every year to bring a welcome pop of color to your landscape over a long period each summer.

Growth Facts

The Story

Rose of Sharon, or Althea, originated in China and India, but it travelled long ago to other parts of the world. In fact, it was grown in the Middle East for such a long time that Westerners thought the plant was native there. That’s what German physician and plant explorer Leonhard Rauwolf thought when he saw Rose of Sharon for the first time in Syria in the 16th century. Rauwolf was also the first Westerner to become acquainted with a strange black drink in the Middle East—an odd novelty that would become known as “coffee.” Tahiti™ Rose of Sharon was developed at a French nursery and is sold by Bailey Nurseries of Minnesota as part of their First Editions® Line.

The Details

Watch out for hummingbirds! Each of Tahiti™ Rose of Sharon’s lavender-pink flowers is painted with a dark red bullseye that lures the hummers in. Think of this little patio tree as a hummingbird feeder that you never have to clean or refill!

How to Grow

The Tahiti™ Rose of Sharon is easy and satisfying to grow even for novice gardeners. Choose a site with all-day sun for your tree. Tahiti™ will also grow in part shade, but will put out fewer blooms there. This tree likes light soils and needs good drainage, but it doesn’t want to dry out completely. Irrigate with the Bower & Branch Elements™ Watering System to supply just the right amount of water and get your tree off to a great start. Tahiti™ will also respond favorably to an annual application of our Elements™ Fertilizer. This is one of the slowest trees to leaf out in the spring, so be patient! Pruning can be accomplished at any time of the year.

Size Guide

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