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Growth Facts

Autumn Blaze Maple Living Tree Chair
Acer x freemanii 'Jeffersred' PP 4864
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Planted, Installed and 6 Care Consultations Included!

Remember climbing trees as a kid? The feeling of the cool bark against your skin, the sound of the wind rustling through the leaves, the feeling of that one tree being your own special place? Those memories get stirred up again when you’re sitting in a Living Tree Chair. When you need a break from the worries and responsibilities of adult life, our Autumn Blaze® Maple Living Tree Chair will take you back to that simpler time. Safe in the arms of an old friend, you look up at its fluttering canopy—emerald green in summer, raspberry-red in fall—and you feel your tensions melt away.

Growth Facts

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The Story

Our growers are patient people. It takes years for them to create our Living Tree Chairs, expertly training each one by hand to take its ultimate form. In doing so, they are careful not to harm the tree, but merely guide its growth. The Autumn Blaze® Maple is perfect for this endeavor. Introduced in 1980 by an Ohio nurseryman, it is a hybrid of the Silver Maple and the Red Maple and possesses the best qualities of both parents. Autumn Blaze® is sturdy, strong, adaptable, fast growing, and it displays radiant red fall color. It makes a handsome Living Tree Chair and will only get more impressive with each passing year.

The Details

Autumn Blaze® Maple is as tough as it is good-looking. Even in poor soils and in challenging urban sites it performs like a champ. In fact, city arborists named it their “Tree of the Year” in 2004.

How to Grow

Your Autumn Blaze® Living Tree Chair will prefer a site that receives all-day sun. It isn’t fussy about the type of soil it grows in. This special tree will be professionally planted by a trained Living Tree Chair technician from your local Bower & Branch member Garden Center. Purchase of the tree will also include six visits from a technician to ensure that your tree is properly installed and established in your landscape, so that you may enjoy it for years to come. Upon planting, the Autumn Blaze® Living Tree Chair will be able to hold at least 250 pounds, and after one year in your landscape, there are no weight restrictions. We recommend purchasing a Bower & Branch™ Tree Chair Saddle to make your Living Tree Chair experience fully satisfying.

Size Guide

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Size D

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Size D Trees:

Size D grown in our special #25 to #30 Living Tree Chair container. Price includes Delivery, Installation and 2 ongoing care visits for the first 3 years by certified Bower & Branch experts! This Living Tree Chair is going to be the staple in your landscape for years to come!

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Autumn Blaze Maple Living Tree Chair Additional Product Shot 1374