Moonglow Juniper Poodle Topiary Tree
Moonglow Juniper Poodle Topiary Additional Product Shot 1527
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Moonglow Juniper Poodle Topiary Tree
Moonglow Juniper Poodle Topiary Additional Product Shot 1527

Growth Facts

Moonglow Juniper Poodle Topiary
Juniperus scopulorum 'Moonglow'
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Fresh from the groomer... Our Moonglow Juniper Poodle Topiary Tree is a sassy, neatly manicured specimen tree that’s pruned to look like a poodle’s tail. Quirky and confident, it will add personality to your entryway garden, foundation beds, patio plantings, or any of the more formal areas around your home. This silvery blue evergreen maintains interest all year round and looks especially fetching (sorry!) with a frosting of snow. Plant it as a single specimen, or plant a pair of Moonglow Poodle Trees on either side of a doorway, gate, or bench in your garden to highlight certain areas or to direct guests to your door.

Growth Facts

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The Story

Moonglow Juniper is a special, extra-blue selection of our native Rocky Mountain Juniper, which ranges from the Black Hills to British Columbia and south to New Mexico. Rocky Mountain Juniper is a rugged tree often found clinging to mountainsides, enduring in rocky places where other trees can’t survive. Long before it was valued as a landscape tree, this tree had another role in the lives of the West’s earliest residents. Native people in this country valued Rocky Mountain Juniper for its medicinal uses; its needles and berries were used by members of several American Indian tribes to treat various ailments from asthma to fevers.

The Details

Our Moonglow Juniper Poodle Topiary Trees are carefully trained from a young age to take their ultimate shape. It’s a long, slow process that must be done the old-fashioned way—one by one, by hand—but we think it’s worth the effort. Once the initial shaping is completed, however, and you receive your tree, the pruning required to maintain the tree’s shape is relatively simple.

How to Grow

Thanks to its origins in the Rocky Mountain states, your Moonglow Juniper Poodle Topiary Tree is content with tough love and doesn’t want to be spoiled with lots of water or fertilizer. It does need regular water during the first couple of years while its roots are getting established in the ground, but after that it will be drought tolerant. Plant it where it can soak up sun all day to bring out the best color and density of its foliage. Moonglow Juniper may struggle in extremely hot and humid climates. When your tree puts out new growth and begins to look a little shaggy, you’ll want to clean it up. Working from the bottom to the top, simply shear it back into shape. Feel free to give us a shout at if you would like any further guidance.

Size Guide

Size Guide Scale


Size: A

Size A

Size: B

Size B

This graphic shows the approximate size and form of the Tree you are viewing.

Size A Trees:

Poodled to 3-4 feet or more. Perfect for framing a doorway or walkway. This work of art gives any landscape a sense of regality.

Size B Trees:

5-6 Feet tall, this larger poodle will be a stunner from the second you plant it. Your neighbors will be asking you where you got it in no time. Easy to maintain this is the perfect plant for your landscape.

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Moonglow Juniper Poodle Topiary Tree
Moonglow Juniper Poodle Topiary Additional Product Shot 1527