Ice Dance Japanese Sedge Tree
Ice Dance Japanese Sedge Additional Product Shot 1108
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Ice Dance Japanese Sedge Tree
Ice Dance Japanese Sedge Additional Product Shot 1108

Growth Facts

Ice Dance Japanese Sedge

Carex morrowii 'Ice Dance'
A handsome, white-variegated groundcover Fringe for brightening shady spots.
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Turn a dull, blank garden space into a snazzy sweep of fine-textured Fringe with Ice Dance Japanese Sedge. A gloomy, shady corner becomes bright and welcoming when filled with its lively green foliage edged with crisp white margins. Ice Dance looks dapper all season—and in winter, too, in mild areas. This choice groundcover grows thickly, the plants knitting together to crowd out weeds, leaving you time for better things than pulling weeds during your precious time off. Best of all, it grows at a moderate pace, filling in nicely, but not taking over your garden when your back is turned!

Growth Facts

The Story

Japanese Sedge grows in the lower elevations of wooded mountains in Japan. The wild form is normally all green. Ice Dance Variegated Japanese Sedge was brought to the U.S. by modern-day plant explorer Barry Yinger of Pennsylvania. Yinger originally planned to be a lawyer, but he soon learned that his true passion was plants—particularly Asian plants. He became so obsessed that he learned Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Thai so he could study what had been written about the plants by Asian plantspeople! His language skills also helped him on his many plant collecting trips to Asia.

The Details

Ice Dance Japanese Sedge, a.k.a. Morrow’s Sedge, is virtually identical to another selection of this species called ‘Variegata’. The difference is that Variegata tends to be more of a clump former and Ice Dance is a spreading groundcover. If you want a Fringe to fill in a space and not just stay put, then Ice Dance is your plant.

How to Grow

In most cases, you’ll want to grow Ice Dance Japanese Sedge in part shade, although in cool-summer climates, it can be grown in full sun. Make sure it gets plenty of water—this is one Fringe that doesn’t like to dry out. Sedges are light feeders, so go easy of the fertilizer. Apply an organic product, such as Bower & Branch Elements™ Fertilizer, only if growth seems pale or weak. Ice Dance is evergreen in mild winters. Assess the damage before cutting plants back in late winter. If foliage does need to be refreshed, mow plants or trim them with hand pruners, hedge trimmers, or a string trimmer before new shoots emerge.

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Ice Dance Japanese Sedge Tree
Ice Dance Japanese Sedge Additional Product Shot 1108