Red Head Fountain Grass Tree
Red Head Fountain Grass Additional Product Shot 1118
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Red Head Fountain Grass Tree
Red Head Fountain Grass Additional Product Shot 1118

Growth Facts

Red Head Fountain Grass

Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Red Head'
Jumbo, burgundy plumes make this Fringe stand out from the rest.
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Well, hello gorgeous! Red Head Fountain Grass is a scintillating Fringe that will bring style and sass to your garden. In spring and summer, this strong grower produces a lush clump of vertical foliage, which in late summer is topped by spectacular foxtail-like plumes. Up to 8 inches long, the smoky pink-red plumes are among the largest of all the Fountain Grasses, yet they are light and airy enough to sway in the gentlest of breezes. Use Red Head as a late-season focal point in your entryway garden, patio plantings, or in any of the beds and borders around your home. To really turn some heads, plant a whole drift of it!

Growth Facts

The Story

Many years ago, representatives from the U.S. National Arboretum in Washington, D.C., gathered Fountain Grass seed in Japan. Plants from this gene pool were interesting, because they had darker plumes than those of any Fountain Grasses that had ever been grown in the U.S. before. One selection raised from that seed was named simply, ‘National Arboretum’. In the late 1990s, an Illinois nurseryman named Brent Hovarth germinated and grew some seedlings from ‘National Arboretum’, and among these, he noticed one that flowered earlier than the others and had extra-large, burgundy plumes. He named it ‘Red Head’, and the rest is history.

The Details

Each plume on Red Head Fountain Grass is composed of hundreds of soft bristles that catch the light in a breathtaking way. Plant this showy Fringe where the sunlight can shine through it, and it will dazzle you and your guests!

How to Grow

Red Head Fountain Grass prefers a site in full sun, though it is accepting of some shade, unlike most other Fountain Grasses. It appreciates regular irrigation and doesn’t like to dry out. It isn’t fussy about soils, as long as drainage is decent. Feed in the spring using an organic product, such as Bower & Branch Elements™ Fertilizer. Cut back the previous year’s foliage in late winter, before new leaves appear in spring. Insect pests and diseases are rarely of any concern with Red Head Fountain Grass, and deer tend to leave it alone.

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Red Head Fountain Grass Tree
Red Head Fountain Grass Additional Product Shot 1118