Angelina Stonecrop Tree
Angelina Stonecrop Additional Product Shot 1100
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Angelina Stonecrop Tree
Angelina Stonecrop Additional Product Shot 1100

Growth Facts

Angelina Stonecrop

Sedum rupestre 'Angelina'
Livens up your landscape with glorious, glowing golden foliage.
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Grab your sunglasses! Angelina Stonecrop, or Sedum, is an outrageously bright Spirit that will bring energy and cheer to your landscape. This lush, succulent groundcover features conifer-like “needles” that are soft to the touch and dazzling yellow in color. If you’re familiar with Blue Spruce Sedum, this is the eye-popping golden yellow version. When there’s a chill in the air and the leaves are beginning to fall, Angelina clamors for even more attention, taking on highlights of orange and rosy red. It holds onto its fiery leaves all winter, too, if temperatures don’t drop too low.

Growth Facts

The Story

There are hundreds of species of Sedums to be found all around the globe in a wonderful array of colors and forms. There are groundhuggers and upright growers, plants with blue, green, gold, gray, red, or purple foliage, and plants with yellow, pink, or white flowers. This species, the Reflexed Stonecrop, is native to Europe and usually sports blue-green foliage. This fluorescent model was discovered by an Austrian nurseryman named Christian Kress. He saw it in a private garden while on vacation in Croatia, and he named it Angelina, after the garden’s owner.

The Details

You may not notice Angelina Stonecrop’s sunny yellow early summer flowers, because they exactly match the color of its foliage. Butterflies and all kinds of grateful pollinators will zero in on them, though. Honeybees and many native bees will get valuable sustenance from the nectar- and pollen-rich blooms.

How to Grow

Angelina Sedum is sinfully easy to grow. Plant it in full sun for the richest color—the foliage will turn chartreuse or greenish in shade. Well-drained soil is a must, and only occasional water is necessary in the summer. Cut the flowering stems back after blooming if you find the spent blooms distracting. This will also help the plant put energy into new foliage instead of seed production. Don’t plant anything delicate nearby, as Angelina is a robust grower and will smother smaller, slower growing plants in its path. Clumps are easy to pull up if they stray too far.

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Angelina Stonecrop Tree
Angelina Stonecrop Additional Product Shot 1100