Attraction Butterfly Bush Tree

Growth Facts

Attraction Butterfly Bush

Buddleia davidii 'Attraction'
A butterfly magnet with ravishing near-red blooms.

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If you love butterflies, then Butterfly Bush is a must-have for your landscape. Our Attraction Butterfly Bush will draw monarchs, swallowtails, viceroys, red-spotted purples, fritillaries, and all sorts of winged wonders to your yard. This Spirit ranks near the top of the list of nectar plants, and it blooms for a long time. You’ll love the deep magenta, nearly red flower clusters, too. The zesty color really pops, and the blossoms have a light, sweet perfume that soothes and delights. Plant Attraction Butterfly Bush in a mixed border with host plants such as Butterfly Weed, Swamp Milkweed, Tulip Poplar, Weeping Pussy Willow, Sweetbay Magnolia, and Pawpaw, and you’ll have a true butterfly paradise!

Growth Facts

The Story

Red flowers on Butterfly Bushes are kind of like blue flowers on Roses—elusive, but plant breeders keep on trying. Attraction’s blossoms are a dark, rich pink color—among the closest to red of any Butterfly Bush. With its more compact habit and better-looking foliage, it’s an improvement over an older “red” variety called Royal Red. Surprisingly, Attraction arose as a seedling from a bright yellow selection known as Sungold. It emerged from a breeding program at the University of Georgia led by shrub and tree expert Michael Dirr and was named by nurseryman Ted Stephens.

The Details

Attraction Butterfly Bush isn’t just a butterfly attractor—hummingbirds will swoop in for a free meal as well. They will linger at the flower clusters, trying to gather every drop of nectar from each tiny floret. It’s like a hummingbird feeder that you never have to clean or refill!

How to Grow

Give Attraction Butterfly Bush a site where it can bask in sun all day (the butterflies will appreciate this, too). The soil should be moist but well drained and never soggy. Remove spent flower clusters to keep your plant looking fresh and to encourage more blooms to form. Trim new growth as much as you like in summer—Butterfly Bushes are fast-growing and will recover quickly. Don’t prune in fall, however. Wait until new shoots appear in spring, and then cut the plant back to just above the green growth. Attraction Butterfly Bush may reseed in mild climates.

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Attraction Butterfly Bush Tree