Fireball Hardy Hibiscus Tree

Growth Facts

Fireball Hardy Hibiscus

Hibiscus moscheutos 'Fireball' PP13,631
Gigantic red blooms bring a taste of the tropics to your garden.

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Goodness, gracious, great Fireball™ Hardy Hibiscus! This spectacular Spirit is ablaze from midsummer through frost with outrageous blooms. Each blossom spans 10 inches across and is colored lava-red with a dark burgundy center. With the sun shining through the petals, the flowers really do look like they’re on fire! The foliage makes a wonderful accompaniment, too—the red-veined leaves are tinted purple and finely cut, contrasting handsomely with the bold blooms. Give your entryway garden, patio area, or poolside plantings a tropical vibe with this special, perfectly cold hardy (to -30ºF) Hibiscus.

Growth Facts

The Story

Fireball™ Hardy Hibiscus was developed by three brothers who were passionate about plants. Jim, Bob, and Dave Fleming spent decades breeding plants at their nursery in Lincoln, Nebraska. Hibiscus was one of their specialties, and they worked patiently to create selections with larger flowers, better cold hardiness, and a wider range of colors than had ever been available before. Their mother had taught them right. Ruth (Bates) Fleming loved plants, too, and even held the title of Nebraska State Naturalist in the early 1900s. She was responsible for starting and planting some of Nebraska’s state parks. The brothers crossed three North American species of Hibiscus to produce Fireball™. It was patented in 2001.

The Details

Heads up for hummingbirds! The flamboyant red flowers of Fireball™ Hardy Hibiscus are like neon café signs to hummers, who will zoom in for a quick meal as soon as the blossoms open. Plant Fireball™ near your outdoor living space, so you and your guests can enjoy watching the antics of these ruby-throated wonders.

How to Grow

Your Fireball™ Hardy Hibiscus will be happiest in a site in full sun. This water-loving plant is a good choice for a rain garden or for that low spot in your yard that drains slowly; however, it is perfectly happy in average moisture conditions, too. Feed in spring with an organic product, such as Bower & Branch Elements™ Fertilizer. Cut the whole plant down in late fall or whenever it begins to look unsightly. Fireball™ Hibiscus loves heat and is one of the last Spirits to emerge in the spring, so don’t give up hope right away if you don’t see signs of life. Japanese beetles may be a nuisance in some areas; we can give you advice at if you need help controlling them.

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Fireball Hardy Hibiscus Tree