Cruizin' Electric Avenue Tickseed Tree

Growth Facts

Cruizin' Electric Avenue Tickseed

Coreopsis verticillata 'Electric Avenue' PP24,688
Electric yellow flowers bring a jolt of color to the landscape for weeks.

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Flower power! Cruizin’™ Electric Avenue Tickseed has it. This energetic Spirit will bring vivacious color to your landscape for weeks in summer. When all of your spring-blooming plants have turned green and are taking a breather, Electric Avenue’s cheery yellow blossoms unfurl, dancing above feathery green foliage. Their fluorescent petals glow from a block away. Plant this high-impact, long-blooming Spirit in your entryway garden, foundation beds, or in any of the high-visibility areas around your home that could use a jolt of color. Low maintenance and simple to grow, this one’s an easy choice.

Growth Facts

The Story

Electric Avenue is a selection of Threadleaf Tickseed, a species native to the eastern U.S. A part of the Cruizin’™ series, it appeared in a Georgia nursery as a random mutation of a single shoot of Cruizin’™ Route 66 Tickseed, a selection sporting yellow flowers with a red eye. Electric Avenue is an in-demand new Spirit that was discovered in 2009 and was introduced in 2012. In 2014, it caught the attention of the Mayo Clinic, who named it the “Flower of Hope” for that year. Representatives of the Clinic felt that the plant’s cheerful flowers and widespread adaptability made it the best candidate to express wishes for hope and healing at their hospitals around the country.

The Details

The standard Threadleaf Tickseed for many years has been Moonbeam. Moonbeam is an excellent performer with light yellow flowers over a long period. Cruizin’™ Electric Avenue Tickseed is similar, but its flowers are larger and not so pale. Electric Avenue is also a shorter, fuller plant with more flowering stems. It may replace Moonbeam someday.

How to Grow

Cruizin’™ Electric Avenue Tickseed is not hard to grow, and novice gardeners will have success with it. Just plant it where it will receive full sun all day and make sure the soil drains freely. It will need regular water while the roots get established in the ground, but after that it will be less needy. Soggy soils in winter can spell trouble. Go light on the fertilizer, feeding only when growth appears pale or weak. Cut old growth back before new shoots appear in spring. Tickseed craves heat, so it may take a while to reappear if spring is unusually cool.

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Cruizin' Electric Avenue Tickseed Tree