Fulda Glow Stonecrop Tree
Fulda Glow Stonecrop Additional Product Shot 1061
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Fulda Glow Stonecrop Tree
Fulda Glow Stonecrop Additional Product Shot 1061

Growth Facts

Fulda Glow Stonecrop

Sedum spurium 'Fuldaglut'
Brings some rich color to the ground layer while suppressing weeds.
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Cover up that bare ground in your landscape with the rich burgundy foliage of Fulda Glow Two Row Stonecrop. This showy groundhugging Spirit gives a unifying look to your beds and borders while smothering pesky weeds. It’s an improvement over the old-fashioned Dragon’s Blood Stonecrop, which doesn’t hold its red foliage color as well when the weather heats up. Fulda Glow is semi-evergreen, its outer leaves holding on where winters aren’t too severe, and turning their deepest shades of purple-red when the mercury falls. Use this low-fuss groundcover in just about any warm, sunny site where you’d like a punch of color.

Growth Facts

The Story

There are hundreds of species of Stonecrops that grow around the world. These sun-loving and drought-tolerant (usually) Spirits can be found in a dizzying array of forms and colors. There are groundhuggers, clumpers, and even a few small shrubs among them. There are Sedums with blue, green, gray, purple, red, and yellow foliage, and Sedums with yellow, white, and pink flowers. Two Row Stonecrop comes from the Caucasus region of eastern Europe and normally has plain green leaves. This purple-red selection comes from a German nursery. Its official name is ‘Fuldaglut’—Fulda is a city in Germany, and “glut’ means “glow” in German.

The Details

If you’re a fan of butterflies, then you should consider adding Fulda Glow Stonecrop to your garden. In fact, pollinators of all types are crazy about its blooms. Butterflies, hoverflies, honeybees, bumblebees, and all sorts of underappreciated native pollinators will come to feed at Fulda Glow’s dark pink, nectar-rich blossoms in summer.

How to Grow

They don’t call it Live-Forever for nothing! Fulda Glow Stonecrop, a.k.a. Live-Forever, is about as easy to grow as they come. Simply site it in a sunny, open space in soil that drains well. The two things it won’t abide are deep shade and soggy soil. Cut the flowering stems back after blooming if you find the spent blooms distracting. This will also help the plant put energy into new foliage instead of seed production. Trim any lanky or damaged growth in late winter, before new leaves push out in early spring. Dig and compost clumps that have strayed too far, or move them to another part of the garden.

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Fulda Glow Stonecrop Tree
Fulda Glow Stonecrop Additional Product Shot 1061