Saucy Seduction™ Yarrow Tree
Saucy Seduction™ Yarrow Additional Product Shot 1104
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Saucy Seduction™ Yarrow Tree
Saucy Seduction™ Yarrow Additional Product Shot 1104

Growth Facts

Saucy Seduction™ Yarrow

Achillea millefolium 'Saucy Seduction'
Neon pink blooms all summer for the garden or the vase.
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Just try to resist its charms! Saucy Seduction™ Yarrow is an alluring new Spirit that will bring sensational color to your landscape for weeks. Held aloft on strong stems, its hot fuchsia-pink blossoms sizzle in the summer sun. As the blooms age, they fade to a lighter pink, creating a lovely multicolor effect. Plant Saucy Seduction™ Yarrow in your entryway garden or foundation beds and give your guests a vibrant and sassy greeting. Or, include it in a mixed border by the patio along with Russian Sage and PowWow White Coneflower to create a long-blooming floral spectacle.

Growth Facts

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The Story

Common Yarrow is native to Europe and western Asia, and it has a long history in the cultures of those regions. In fact, its botanical name, Achillea, stems from the belief that the mythological Greek hero Achilles used this plant to heal his soldiers’ wounds. Modern day Yarrows come in many exciting new colors, thanks to careful selection and breeding work over the years. Saucy Seduction™ Yarrow originated at a nursery in the Netherlands in 2003. It appeared as a random mutation of a less intensely colored selection that was part of the Summer Pastels series.

The Details

Saucy Seduction™ Yarrow blossoms are borne on strong stems, which makes for excellent plant performance in the garden and great cutting material, too. Arrangements brighten your home and give it a cozy feel. There’s nothing like fresh-cut flowers from the garden! Cutting flowers also encourages new buds to form on the plant, keeping the show going all summer.

How to Grow

Plant Saucy Seduction™ Yarrow in a sunny, open site. Go easy on the water and fertilizer—this Spirit doesn’t like to be spoiled. It will need regular water during the establishment period, but then will perform better if kept on the dry side. Rich soil and wet conditions will lead to floppy growth. Every few years, you may need to dig up and divide Saucy Seduction™ to keep it growing vigorously. Simply discard old, weak sections and replant the young, strong-growing sections, Cut back old stems in late fall or whenever they begin to look unattractive to make way for early spring growth.

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Saucy Seduction™ Yarrow Tree
Saucy Seduction™ Yarrow Additional Product Shot 1104