Goldi Creeping Jenny Tree
Goldi Creeping Jenny Additional Product Shot 1446
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Goldi Creeping Jenny Tree
Goldi Creeping Jenny Additional Product Shot 1446

Growth Facts

Goldi Creeping Jenny

Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea'
This strong-growing, brilliant gold groundhugger will light up your garden.
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They say money doesn’t grow on trees, but how about under them? Goldi Moneywort is a bold groundcover Spirit with neat rounded leaves that look like gold coins. Grow it in full sun if you want a brilliant yellow swath of foliage, or give it part shade to have a peppy chartreuse accent. Growing most luxuriantly in damp conditions, it will flourish in that troublesome part of your landscape where drainage is poor. It also does well in average soil with summer water. This cheerful spreader brings a ray of sunshine to any space it inhabits.

Growth Facts

The Story

You may see the green-leaved version of Moneywort in the wild and think it’s a native plant. Although this Spirit has been here a very long time, it’s actually an import. Moneywort, a.k.a. Creeping Jenny or Creeping Charlie, is originally from Europe and western Asia. It was brought to the New World around 1739. Although it doesn’t often flower and it rarely sets seed, it does root easily and spreads itself around that way. Goldi Moneywort was selected for its bright gold leaves, which hold their rich color all season.

The Details

Goldi Moneywort makes a fantastic container component. Use it as a filler in a large planter box and let it spill gracefully over the edge. It looks especially dramatic with plants that have burgundy foliage. Goldi is often grown as an annual in a container, although it is quite cold hardy. It can survive winter lows to -30ºF in the ground and about -20ºF if left in a container.

How to Grow

It doesn’t get much easier to grow than Goldi Moneywort. Its only real enemy is drought. Give this adaptable Spirit some bright sun to coax out the goldest leaf tones and grow it in rich, moist soil. Clay soil is acceptable. Goldi will root in as it travels and spread out in all directions. Don’t place any small, delicate plants in its path and consider carefully if this strong grower is what you want. Although it is less aggressive than the green-leaved version, it is considered invasive in some areas and is banned in New York and Connecticut.

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Goldi Creeping Jenny Tree
Goldi Creeping Jenny Additional Product Shot 1446