Little Giant Globe Arborvitae Tree
Little Giant Globe Arborvitae Leaf
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Little Giant Globe Arborvitae Tree
Little Giant Globe Arborvitae Leaf

Growth Facts

Little Giant Globe Arborvitae

Thuja occidentalis 'Little Giant'
Put your pruners away—this evergreen naturally forms a perfect globe!
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Do you like the clean, formal look of landscape plants sheared into neat geometric shapes, but don’t have the time for all that pruning? Little Giant Globe Arborvitae is just what you need! Part of our Charms line, this tidy evergreen produces glossy fans of rich green foliage that naturally arrange themselves into a perfect sphere. Plant Little Giant Arborvitae as an end cap to a low hedge, or plant a pair on either side of a door, path, or gate. You can also use a row of these Charms to delineate space in the garden. Its possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Growth Facts

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The Story

The Eastern Arborvitae is a remarkable tree that can live for 1,700 years. Its name means “Tree of Life,” but this is not a reference to its longevity. Rather, it’s a reference to a story from 1535. In that year, French explorer Jacques Cartier and his crew had sailed to what is now Quebec. It was winter, and with no fresh food to eat, the men were beginning to die of scurvy. Fortunately, the local Iroquois came to the rescue with a vitamin-C-rich tea made from Eastern Arborvitae leaves. Eastern Arborvitae is normally a small to medium-sized tree, but Little Giant is a uniqueselection of it that grows into a small globe form.

The Details

Don’t be alarmed if your Little Giant Globe Arborvitae takes on bronzy or plum-colored hues in winter. This is perfectly normal. When the weather warms in spring, the rich green color will return. Growing Little Giant in a sheltered position away from cold winter winds will keep the foliage greener through the dormant season.

How to Grow

Little Giant Globe Arborvitae is simple to grow in full sun or light shade. Give it regular water in summer (once a week if no rain falls) and make sure the soil drains well. Mulch with bark, wood chips, or pine straw to keep the root zone cool and moist. Feed with Bower & Branch Elements™ Fertilizer to encourage a strong root system and drive optimum growth. Few major pests or diseases trouble Little Giant, although deer browse may be an issue. In areas where deer are a problem, apply a deterrent such as Plantskydd® Pest Repellent regularly.

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Little Giant Globe Arborvitae Tree
Little Giant Globe Arborvitae Leaf