Orange Rocket Barberry Tree
Orange Rocket Barberry Leaf
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Orange Rocket Barberry Tree
Orange Rocket Barberry Leaf

Growth Facts

Orange Rocket Barberry

Berberis thunbergii 'Orange Rocket' PP18,411
A brilliant orange-red color spot for sunny beds and borders.
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Is your landscape uninspiring? It’s not rocket science—your garden just needs some color! Orange Rocket Barberry will put some pizzazz in the view you see outside your window every day. This perky plant, part of our Perfect Accessories program, will light up your landscape from spring until fall. In spring, its leaves emerge a fluorescent coral-orange color, turning deeporange-red in summer. In autumn, the color intensifies again with the cooling temperatures, becoming a fiery crimson-red. Plant this compact columnar color spot singly as an accent in your entry garden, mixed borders, or patio plantings. A little Orange Rocket goes a long way!

Growth Facts

The Story

Japanese Barberries are fun and useful plants that keep getting more and more popular. Even though they’re armed with small prickles, gardeners have embraced them, because they come in so many interesting shapes and colors. Orange Rocket lifted off from the Czech Republic. Nurseryman Michal Andrusiv wanted to know what would happen if he crossed Aurea, a brightyellow Barberry with a rounded form, with Helmond Pillar, a narrowly upright Barberry with burgundy leaves. The result has rocketed to the top of many people’s wish lists! Introduced in 2006, it continues to be a standout among the many Barberry choices available today.

The Details

Orange Rocket Barberry is more of a red color than orange, but in any case, it glows! Calm its fire by planting it with cool blue or lavender bloomers such as Russian Sage, Bluebeard, or Catmint.

How to Grow

Grow Orange Rocket Barberry in full sun to bring out its richest colors. Shade will make the leaves turn green. Choose a site where the soil drains freely, as this plant will not tolerate “wet feet.” It needs regular water during the establishment period, but will be quite drought tolerant after that. Prune as needed to keep stray branches from spoiling the tidy appearance of this formal element. Japanese Barberries have become invasive in some states. Check with your nearest extension office if you have questions about the status of Barberries in your area.

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Orange Rocket Barberry Tree
Orange Rocket Barberry Leaf