Twisted Hinoki Cypress Tree
Twisted Hinoki Cypress Leaf
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Twisted Hinoki Cypress Tree
Twisted Hinoki Cypress Leaf

Growth Facts

Twisted Hinoki Cypress

Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Torulosa'
With its curly green foliage, this unique conifer makes a fun focal point.

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Hinoki Cypress got a perm! With its curly green locks, this fun evergreen will be the talk of all your outdoor get-togethers. Guests will want to reach out and touch its soft, twisty foliage. Torulosa Hinoki Cypress is a part of our Added Definitions line, adding intrigue to your garden all year long. Imagine how pretty it will look with a dusting of snow! You’ll want to highlight it in a prominent spot in your landscape in your entryway garden, patio plantings, mixed borders, or any of the formal areas around your home that could use a unique focal point.

Growth Facts

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The Story

Hinoki Cypress is a noble forest tree from Japan that can reach 120 feet tall in the wild and live to the ripe old age of 1,000 years. When Japan was ruled by emperors, it was considered one of the “Five Sacred Trees of Kiso” (the Kiso Valley), and anyone caught cutting one down there was subject to execution. The fragrant lumber was used in constructing temples, shrines, and traditional “Noh” theaters. Over the years, many selections of Hinoki Cypress have been introduced that offer all kinds of different looks. Torulosa was first documented in this country in 1962, though it has probably been around much longer than that.

The Details

No pruning required! Torulosa Hinoki Cypress keeps its neat, compact habit with hardly any effort on your part. This curly-headed beauty always looks as if it’s just back from the hairdresser—even when your shears haven’t touched it.

How to Grow

Hinoki Cypress appreciates the relatively mild climate of its Japanese homeland, and Torulosa is no exception, though careful siting will bring success in less than optimal situations. High filtered shade or morning sun with protection from searing afternoon heat is ideal. Shelter from subfreezing winter wind will also help it emerge from rough winters unscathed. Give it regular water, but drainage must be adequate to assure that this plant never has to endure having “wet feet.” (Don’t you hate that, too?) Mulch well to moderate temperatures in the root zone. Diseases and pests rarely attack Torulosa Hinoki Cypress.

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Twisted Hinoki Cypress Tree
Twisted Hinoki Cypress Leaf