Twisted Brilliance Arborvitae Tree
Twisted Brilliance Arborvitae Leaf
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Twisted Brilliance Arborvitae Tree
Twisted Brilliance Arborvitae Leaf

Growth Facts

Twisted Brilliance Arborvitae

Thuja occidentalis 'Degroot's Spire'
Slim and graceful, this pretty evergreen makes a sleek hedge or specimen.
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Create beautiful privacy! With its dense, dark green foliage and narrow, spire-like shape, Twisted Brilliance Arborvitae is the perfect component in an elegant privacy screen. It will grow much taller than any city-approved fence, yet remain narrow enough to use in skinny side yards without any pruning. A part of our Tapestry line, its soft, wavy, evergreen foliage provides solid coverage year-round, leaving you free to enjoy your backyard or patio in peace, or leave the drapes open without the worry of wandering eyes looking in. Twisted Brilliance also makes a striking stand-alone tree that stops the eye with its verticality and says, “Look at me!”

Growth Facts

The Story

Arborvitae means “Tree of Life,” referencing a story which goes back to the sixteenth century. In 1535, French explorer Jacques Cartier and his crew were stuck in what is now Quebec for the winter and were starting to die of scurvy (caused by vitamin C deficiency). They were saved only when the local Iroquois people gave them some Arborvitae tea. (We’ll stick to orange juice!) Twisted Brilliance is a selection of Eastern Arborvitae, the same species that savedCartier’s men. It was discovered in 1970 at Sheridan Nurseries in Canada and was originally named DeGroot’s Spire, after the worker who found it.

The Details

Twisted Brilliance has shorter foliage than other Arborvitaes that’s slightly twisted, which givesthis native conifer a unique look. The svelte tree never needs trimming to maintain its tight, dense form, leaving you with better ways to spend your free time.

How to Grow

This dapper, formal evergreen specimen tree is an easygoing addition to your landscape. It grows in almost any kind of soil, in full sun or light shade. Give it a good drink during dry spells. If the foliage starts to turn brown, it’s too late! In deer country, protect this tree with a deterrent such as Plantskydd® Pest Repellant, or you may get some unsolicited pruning. The only other pest your Twisted Brilliance Arborvitae may encounter is bagworms. Look for little gray cocoons hanging from the branches, pick them off, and crush them under your heel—problem solved!

Size Guide

Size Guide Scale


This graphic shows the approximate size and form of the Tree you are viewing.

Size A Trees:

Grown in our #7 Tapestry container. Grown for a fast start to the perfect hedge. Size A measures minimum 3' or 4' Tall with a heavy grade and full twisting evergreen foliage based on your size selection.

Size B Trees:

Grown in our #15 large Tapestry container. Starting at 4' to 6' Tall. These sizes will immediately provide an instant hedge or screen! Tall with a heavy grade and full twisting evergreen foliage will look great in any landscape.

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Twisted Brilliance Arborvitae Tree
Twisted Brilliance Arborvitae Leaf