Growth Facts

Slender Visions Juniper

Juniperus chinensis 'Trautman'
Use this striking evergreen spire as a strong vertical accent in your garden.

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Why put up a boring privacy fence when you can have a vibrant living wall that is so much prettier to look at? A part of our Tapestry collection, Slender Visions Juniper is a narrow-growing evergreen tree that can be planted single-file to make a handsome privacy screen. You’ll get bonus coverage with Slender Visions, too—in time, it will grow much higher than the standard 6-ft. fence. This choice selection is valued for its sparkling blue-green needles and its upswept branches, which accentuate its strongly vertical habit. Try it also as a specimen in a mixed border, where it will lend structure and continuity throughout the seasons.

Growth Facts

The Story

Slender Visions Juniper is a selection of Juniper also known as the Eastern Red Cedar. Native from South Dakota to Florida, this species has long been a part of the American landscape. You may recognize the scent of its fragrant wood, which has been used to line closets, chests, and drawers. For 100 years, this was the tree used to make pencils until the supply of heartwood ran out, and a California tree called Incense Cedar was chosen to replace it. Slender Visions was discovered in Wisconsin and was originally named Trautman Juniper after Herbert Trautman, the nurseryman who found it.

The Details

Calling all birders! The abundant silvery blue Juniper berries of the Slender Visions Red Cedar Tree are a nutritious treat for dozens of species of native birds. The beautiful cedar waxwing in particular is a fan of the fruits, and it takes its name from this Cedar Tree. The evergreen boughs also provide a safe place for birds to seek shelter and to nest in.

How to Grow

The Slender Visions Juniper is easy to please, and even novice gardeners will have success with it. Once established in the landscape, this durable tree endures extremes of heat and cold and period of drought. It is suitable for soils that are rocky, clay-based (as long as they drain well), acid, or alkaline. Deer leave it alone, and air pollution doesn’t faze it. The only things it doesn’t care for are wet soil and shade. Slender Visions may serve as an alternate host to a disease called Cedar-Apple rust, a problem in Apple orchards among some varieties of Apples that aren’t resistant to it. The disease does little harm to the Cedar Tree and primarily only cosmetic damage to the Apple.

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