Blue Point Juniper Leaf
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Blue Point Juniper Leaf
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Growth Facts

Blue Point Juniper

Juniperus chinensis ' Blue Point'
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Cool blue elegance. Blue Point Juniper is a sharp, stylish evergreen that lends a formal touch to the landscape. With upswept branches that come to a point, this classy conifer makes a strong vertical statement that draws the eye all year-round. Include a plant in your mixed borders as a focal point, or set a matching pair on either side of your gate or doorway to add instant curb appeal to your home. As a part of our Tapestry collection, Blue Point Juniper makes a fine addition to a mixed privacy screen, or you can choose to create a uniform hedge with a row of these sturdy sight-blockers.

  • Size A Bundle of 3, (2' tall) container grown 
  • Size A (3-4' tall) container grown

Growth Facts

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The Story

Blue Point Juniper is a type of Chinese Juniper, a rugged evergreen conifer native to a vast region that includes China, Japan, Mongolia, and Korea. Chinese Juniper naturally assumes a wonderfully diverse array of forms, from low groundhuggers to towering trees, and in all shades of green, blue, and gold. Blue Point is a selection that has stood the test of time, having originated at an American nursery in the early 1970s. This durable blue Juniper serves as a good substitute for Colorado Blue Spruce when you want something that stays a bit smaller. It’s also adaptable to more regions of the country than Blue Spruce.

The Details

Our Blue Point Juniper naturally assumes an upright, formal shape, but you can give it an even crisper outline with pruning. This is easily accomplished with a quick, light shearing once a year. Start during the first or second season for best results—don’t delay.

How to Grow

Chinese Junipers are tough, adaptable plants, and the Blue Point Chinese Juniper is no exception. Its only non-negotiable demands are all-day sun and excellent drainage. It appreciates regular irrigation during establishment, but after a year or two it should be quite drought tolerant. This is a plant you can count on in challenging urban situations, as it copes well with pollution and poor, dry soil. It also finds a happy home in open, windy sites in the country. Pruning is optional, and pests and diseases are rarely a problem, making Blue Point Juniper a relatively low-maintenance option for your landscape.

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Blue Point Juniper Leaf