Green Mountain Boxwood - pyramidal Tree

Growth Facts

Green Mountain Boxwood - pyramidal

Buxus sempervirens 'Green Mountain'
A neat, formal garden accent. Evergreen and deer resistant.
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Sublime. Our Conical Green Mountain Boxwood is the epitome of formal garden elegance. Whether giving structure to a bed of summer flowers or bringing cheerful greenery into the cold winter months, this classic beauty always looks picture-perfect. Conical Green Mountain Boxwood is part of our Charms program and can be used singly in the landscape or in multiples. A solo specimen in a mixed border serves as a pleasing anchor and focal point. A pair of pyramidal Boxwoods is also quite effective when planted on either side of a door, gate, or bench. Some would say you can’t have a proper formal garden without it!

Growth Facts

The Story

Gardeners in Europe have grown Common (English) Boxwood for hundreds of years. In formal gardens in England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, France, Italy, and elsewhere, this essential element defines boundaries, provides structure, and frames beds and borders. In the U.S., English Boxwood isn’t cold-hardy in many areas. Green Mountain Boxwood—bred in Canada—to the rescue! This selection from Sheridan Nurseries was developed in the 1960s by crossing the English Boxwood with the hardier Korean Boxwood. It naturally assumes a roughly pyramidal form, but our growers have trained each plant from youth to take a strongly defined conical shape.

The Details

Not confident in your pruning skills? Our Conical Green Mountain Boxwood is easy to shear. Its shape is simple to trace compared to that of Spiral or Poodle Topiaries you might buy, but it still lends a striking formal look to the garden.

How to Grow

Good drainage is essential when growing Green Mountain Boxwood. It will tolerate many types of soil and will even grow in clay, but the soil must drain well or the plant may fall prey to root rot diseases. This is a shallow-rooting plant, so mulch well to keep the root zone cool and moist(but not wet). Green Mountain grows splendidly in both sun and in a quite a bit of shade. The foliage does have a tendency to turn bronzy orange when exposed to icy winter winds, however, so give the plant a sheltered site if winters are severe in your area. Deer rarely browse boxwoods, we are happy to report.

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Green Mountain Boxwood - pyramidal Tree