Growth Facts

Amber Jubilee Ninebark Tree Form
Physocarpus opulifolius 'Jefam'

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This perky little tree makes us happy. Amber Jubilee™ Tree Form Ninebark will bring a cheerful splash of ever-changing color to your landscape. Plant it beside your most often-used path so you don’t miss a beat. In spring, it bursts onto the scene with leaves that emerge a striking pumpkin-orange color. In summer, the foliage assumes a cool green hue. When nights turn frosty, purple tones take over. Amber Jubilee™ is usually grown as a shrub, but our clever growers have raised it up off the ground and turned it into a sweet patio tree.

Growth Facts

The Story

You’ve come a long way, baby! Ninebark is an unassuming plant that has risen to stardom in recent years. Although it grows wild all over the eastern U.S., Midwest, and into Canada, hardly anyone paid it any attention until the late 1990s. That’s when plant breeders began to develop exciting new forms with purple leaves. Suddenly, it became a hot commodity. Amber Jubilee™ was bred in Manitoba, Canada, in 2003. Its parents were the deep purple Diabolo® and the sunny yellow ‘Dart’s Gold’. Breeders at Jeffries Nurseries selected it for its amazing color progression through the growing season.

The Details

Flowers, too! In late spring or early summer, Amber Jubilee™ Tree Form Ninebark may grace your garden with scores of pretty, half-snowball flower clusters. The white blossoms attract grateful pollinators, who turn the blooms into interesting red seed capsules.

How to Grow

Amber Jubilee™ Tree Form Ninebark is fast-growing under the right conditions. Give it a spot in full sun, a layer of mulch, and regular irrigation. We recommend using the Elements™ Watering System to get your tree well established. After that, it will tolerate a missed watering here and there. Prune off any sprouts coming from the base or from the trunk. You don’t want to hide that handsome peeling bark—Ninebark is so named because it appears to have nine layers of bark. Don’t be afraid to prune Amber Jubilee’s branches. You may sacrifice flowers, but that may be necessary in order to keep the plant shapely.

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