Crimson Sentry Norway Maple Tree
Crimson Sentry Norway Maple Leaf
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Crimson Sentry Norway Maple Tree
Crimson Sentry Norway Maple Leaf

Growth Facts

Crimson Sentry Norway Maple

Acer platanoides 'Crimson Sentry' PP3,258
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Make a statement! Crimson Sentry Norway Maple gives your landscape structure and style. Taking the shape of a column and clothed in deep, dark purple foliage throughout the growing season, this stately ornamental tree draws the eye to it. Use a single tree to create some drama in a part of your landscape that needs a focal point, or plant a pair of Crimson Sentry Maples to frame a sitting area, an entrance to another garden “room,” or a lovely view. Bronzy-orange foliage in fall is a bonus you’ll enjoy before the leaves drop in preparation for winter.

Growth Facts

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The Story

Norway Maple can be found in the wild from Norway to Russia and south to Iran. People have valued this tree for centuries. Its wood has been used in making everything from furniture to flooring to Stradivarius violins. The story of this introduction goes back to the popular red-leaved selection of Norway Maple from Belgium known as Crimson King. A crop of Crimson King Maples was growing at A. McGill and Son Nursery in Fairview, Oregon, in the 1960s, when a sharp-eyed employee spotted something different. One Crimson King had mutated and was growing in a columnar habit. Crimson Sentry was born.

The Details

Crimson Sentry Norway Maple has a profuse and dense branching habit—much denser than that of the similar Crimson King Maple. Its framework provides good nesting habitat for songbirds. If you’re lucky, you may find a family of robins nesting in your Crimson Sentry each year.

How to Grow

You’ll want to grow your Crimson Sentry Norway Maple in all-day sun to bring out the richest purple tones in its foliage. Plant it in any kind of soil that drains well—Norway Maple doesn’t like “wet feet.” It will need regular irrigation during the establishment period; our Elements™ Watering System will ensure that your tree gets off to a good start. After that, it will be more accepting of dry periods and will only need watering during extended droughts. One problem that Crimson Sentry is susceptible to is powdery mildew. This cosmetic disease doesn’t do any serious damage to the tree itself. It is most prevalent in hot, humid climates.

Size Guide

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Size C

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8-10' tall. Grown in our #20 tree container. Limbed up high, well formed branching and structure. Immediate landscape impact.

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Crimson Sentry Norway Maple Tree
Crimson Sentry Norway Maple Leaf