Growth Facts

Prairie Gold® Aspen

Populus tremuloides 'NE Arb'

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Bring the magic of the mountains to your backyard with Prairie Gold®! Quaking Aspen, usually associated with the Rocky Mountains, gains greater adaptability with this heat-tolerant selection from Nebraska. Enjoy its smooth, greenish-white bark, its glowing golden fall color, and—of course—its charming habit of “quaking.” Prairie Gold Aspen’s leaves are engineered to shimmy and twirl in response to the faintest breezes passing through. Plant it as a single specimen, or grow this social tree in a grove, like it occurs in the wild. Either way, it will immediately bring a playful touch to the landscape with its quivering display.

Growth Facts

The Story

Quaking Aspen is a remarkable tree for many reasons. One of its claims to fame is that it’s the most widely distributed tree in North America, growing from the West Coast of Canada to the East Coast, and dipping down into the mountains of Mexico. Its native range stretches across nine time zones! It generally thrives in cold climates and is vulnerable to diseases and insect pests in areas with hot, humid summers. Prairie Gold® is different. It’s from Nebraska, so it has developed a tolerance for sultry summers and is naturally disease resistant. You don’t have to live in Denver or Alberta to enjoy this charismatic tree!

The Details

Looking for a fast-growing tree? Prairie Gold® Quaking Aspen will fit the bill. In nature, Aspens are opportunists that fill in empty spaces in the canopy after fires or other disasters occur, so they’re hard-wired to grow very rapidly. They must maximize the sunlight when it becomes available, quickly turning it into wood, roots, and beautiful fluttering leaves.

How to Grow

Prairie Gold® Quaking Aspen needs full sun. It isn’t picky about soil and will grow in wet or dry sites. Just make sure it receives ample water during establishment; our Elements™ Watering System will help you get it right. Mulch well to keep the root zone cool. One thing you should know when growing Quaking Aspen is that it will sucker if the trunk gets damaged or if the tree is stressed. This is no problem if you want to let your Aspen Tree turn into a grove, but if you want to maintain it as a single-stemmed specimen, you’ll have to remove the suckers.

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