Princeton Sentry Maidenhair Tree Leaf

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Princeton Sentry Maidenhair Tree

Ginkgo biloba 'Princeton Sentry'
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Slim and stately, tall and true. Princeton Sentry® Ginkgo will be a dashing addition to your landscape. Rising like a spire, it creates drama in the vertical plane. Eventually, it widens a bit to form a compact pyramid. A single tree will serve as a powerful focal point, while a pair of trees can be sited to frame a scenic view or to anchor the corners of your home. With its neat habit and tough constitution, Princeton Sentry® Ginkgo also makes the perfect street tree. This versatile tree is ready to fulfill many roles in your landscape!

Growth Facts

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The Story

The Ginkgo is an ancient Chinese tree valued as much for its beauty as for its durability. Its unique, fan-shaped leaves and its tolerance for all kinds of challenging growing conditions have made it a favorite landscape tree around the world. In Hiroshima, Japan, several Ginkgo Trees growing near ground zero even survived the atomic bomb. They continue to flourish to this day. Princeton Sentry® Ginkgo resulted from a seed germinated at Princeton Nursery in New Jersey in the 1940s. It was selected for its tight, symmetrical growth habit and strong central leader. Another huge plus: it’s a male! Female Ginkgoes produce terrible-smelling fruits in the fall.

The Details

The iconic fan-like leaves of the Ginkgo are like those of no other tree. They have been a common motif in Asian art through the ages. The olive-green leaves of your Princeton Sentry® Ginkgo will make a lovely show all season long, until autumn, when they’ll really shine. The little fans will turn a luminous yellow color, bathing your landscape in a golden glow.

How to Grow

You won’t find a tree that’s easier to grow than Princeton Sentry® Ginkgo! Plant it green-side-up in a sunny site in soil that drains well, and your tree should be happy. Ginkgoes are often planted in cities because of their adaptability, and Princeton Sentry® is no exception. It tolerates compacted soil, high pH, salt, clay, pollution, and drought. Virtually no insect pests or diseases ever touch it, and hardly any pruning is needed. If you must prune, do so in spring. When conditions are right, Ginkoes can live for hundreds of years, so give this honorable legacy tree a thoughtfully chosen spot in the landscape where it will be admired for generations.

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Princeton Sentry Maidenhair Tree Leaf