Chocolate Chip Bugleweed Tree
Chocolate Chip Bugleweed Leaf
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Chocolate Chip Bugleweed Tree
Chocolate Chip Bugleweed Leaf

Growth Facts

Chocolate Chip Bugleweed

Ajuga reptant 'Valfredda'
An easy way to fill blank spots in the garden. Cute and compact.
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Eye candy! Chocolate Chip Bugleweed is a sweet little ground hugger that will beautifully and effortlessly fill in empty spaces in your landscape with its cute chocolate-brown leaves. Create an attractive, weed-smothering carpet underneath bushy plants or tall Spirits. Fill the void between stepping stones. Replace turf in an area that’s grown shady or is difficult to mow. In spring, you’ll enjoy the bonus of a stellar flower display. The compact purple-blue blossoms will smother the dark foliage, and hummingbirds will swoop in for a sip of sweet nectar. So easy. So satisfying to grow.

Growth Facts

The Story

Some people fear Bugleweed, finding it a little TOO easy to grow. This European Spirit can be more aggressive than you’d like, growing beyond its designated space. It’s important to keep in mind that Bugleweed is a robust plant when conditions are favorable. Don’t put delicate plants in its path, and don’t expect it to acknowledge ill-defined boundaries. Fortunately, Chocolate Chip Bugleweed is more compact, slower growing, and better behaved than most other selections. It was introduced by Valfredda Nursery of Italy and is sometimes sold under that name.

The Details

Chocolate Chip Bugleweed’s leaves are edible, but ironically, they’re not sweet like chocolate chips, but quite bitter! Maybe that’s why deer and rabbits tend to leave the plant alone.

How to Grow

Grow Chocolate Chip Bugleweed in light afternoon shade for best foliage color and performance. Full sun is acceptable with regular water in regions that aren’t extremely hot and humid in summer. Any kind of soil is suitable, but those containing ample organic matter will give the bet results. Chocolate Chip enjoys average moisture, although this is one Spirit that can handle somewhat soggy conditions, too. Freshen its appearance by shearing spent flower spikes in early summer. Dividing clumps in spring or fall is a good way to rejuvenate old plants and to make more starts. Simply dig, split, and replant.

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Chocolate Chip Bugleweed Tree
Chocolate Chip Bugleweed Leaf