Elijah Blue Fescue Leaf

Growth Facts

Elijah Blue Fescue

Festuca glauca 'Elijah Blue'
A petite, powder-blue Fringe that fits anywhere.

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Beautiful, soothing blue. The robin’s egg–blue foliage of Elijah Blue Fescue brings a feeling of serenity to your garden. Pair it with hot-colored flowers to provide a cooling counterpoint. Plant it en masse to create a pool of dazzling blue. Or use this frosty Fringe to add a stylish edge to your border. Elijah Blue Fescue is a petite plant that fits into any landscape; it also performs wonderfully in a container on your deck or balcony. So many options! This little charmer is ready to add its cool blue attitude to your outdoor living space, wherever that may be.

Growth Facts

The Story

Fescue—does that sound familiar? There’s a good chance that your lawn is composed of Fescue. This Fescue is a different species that forms neat clumps instead of spreading to form a carpet. Also, it loves full sun and low humidity. Native to southern France, it’s adapted to a dry, sunny climate. And of course, Blue Fescue is blue, blue, blue. Many consider Elijah Blue to be the brightest and most durable selection of Blue Fescue you can buy. It originated at a nursery on Long Island and was named after Elijah Lane, where the nursery was located.

The Details

Flowers—yea or nay? Elijah Blue Fescue sends up flower plumes in late spring. The dainty plumes are pale blue at first, eventually turning beige. Many consider them to be decorative and leave them on, but others prefer to maintain Elijah Blue purely as a foliage plant and trim the plumes off. The choice is yours.

How to Grow

Plant this sun-lover in an open space in light soil that drains quickly. Although Elijah Blue Fescue enjoys bright light, it isn’t a fan of high heat and humidity. This cool-season grower does best in northern and western climates and looks its freshest during the cooler months of the year. It is semi-evergreen in mild winters. Cut it back to a few inches from the ground in early spring. Its also wise to divide Elijah Blue every few years in spring to keep it growing vigorously. Simply dig up a clump, pull apart a few healthy sections with roots, and replant.

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Elijah Blue Fescue Leaf