Silver Mound Mugwort Leaf

Growth Facts

Silver Mound Mugwort

Artemesia schmiditiana 'Nana'
A sassy silver accent for sunny sites.

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Silvery and sensational! Silver Mound Mugwort is a sparkling accent that will bring some bling to all your sunny borders. This stellar Spirit makes the ideal edging plant. It stays low, never obscuring the plants behind it, and clothes itself in fine-textured foliage of a hue that complements all others in the garden. Provide a calming counterpoint to hot orange or red flowers with Silver Mound’s feathery foliage, or use its silvery leaves to enhance a cool blue and green composition. It’s also perfect with rockwork, where its silky-soft texture contrasts beautifully with stone.

Growth Facts

The Story

Mugwort, Wormwood, Artemisia—these are a few of the names for a group of Spirits that has been appreciated for ages. The names may sound like something out of a Harry Potter book—and some of these plants do have powers over the mind and body. Absinthe is distilled from one species. Others are more benign. Tarragon is a Mugwort you find in your spice rack. About 300 species of Mugworts in all exist around the world. Silver Mound Mugwort comes to us from Japan. Like many other species, it possesses an herbal fragrance that helps to ward off deer and other browsers.

The Details

In the 1990s, researchers at the Chicago Botanic Garden trialed various ornamental Mugworts for four years to determine the best of the best. Of the 26 Spirits that entered the competition, six were singled out at its conclusion as top performers. Silver Mound Mugwort was among these top winners.

How to Grow

Silver Mound Mugwort thrives in an open spot in the landscape in full sun. Good drainage is a must, and the soil should dry out between waterings. This is a Spirit that doesn’t like to be spoiled. Give it a lean to average soil and little to no fertilizer. A lover of cool, dry climates, it will be happiest in the northern and western states. In hot, humid summers, the mound may “open up.” A quick shearing will encourage new growth to fill the gaps. Trim any old growth to the ground in early spring to let the plant start anew.

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Silver Mound Mugwort Leaf