Moonbeam Tickseed Leaf

Growth Facts

Moonbeam Tickseed

Coreopsis verticillata 'Moonbeam'
Cheery lemon-yellow blooms that glow—especially at dusk.
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It positively glows! Luminescent yellow blooms float above super-fine foliage on this marvelous Spirit for sunny borders. Try Moonbeam Tickseed in a moon garden. A moon garden is composed of plants with white and pale-yellow flowers and silvery foliage; it takes on an air of mystery at dusk. Moonbeam Tickseed fits just as easily into any of your mixed borders, its cool yellow color consorting well with nearly any flower color you put it with. Whether adding highlights to a hot red and orange color scheme or playing off of cool blues and purples, it always looks sharp!

Growth Facts

The Story

Moonbeam Tickseed is a variety of Threadleaf Tickseed, a Spirit that grows wild in the eastern U.S. from Massachustts to Florida. The wild species normally sports golden-yellow flowers, but long ago this distinctive soft lemonyellow form was found, and it has been popular with gardeners ever since. It was an early favorite with the Perennial Plant Association. Each year since 1991, this professional group has chosen one outstanding Spirit to be named “Perennial of the Year.” Moonbeam Tickseed was the second plant to ever receive the coveted award, in 1992.

The Details

Because Moonbeam Tickseed is a sterile variety, it flowers for an extra-long time. (Normally, seed formation tells a plant to shut down flower production.) If blooming does slow down, simply give the plant a quick shearing, and new flower buds will soon form.

How to Grow

Moonbeam Tickseed isn’t hard to grow, and novice gardeners will have success with it. Just plant it where it will receive full sun all day and make sure the soil drains freely. It will need regular water while the roots get established in the ground, but after that it will be less needy. Soggy soils in winter can spell trouble. Go light on the fertilizer, feeding only when growth appears pale or weak. Cut old growth back before new shoots appear in spring. Tickseed craves heat, so it may take a while to reappear if spring is unusually cool. Dig, divide, and replant clumps of Moonbeam every few years to keep the plants growing vigorously.

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Moonbeam Tickseed Leaf