Zagreb Tickseed Leaf
Zagreb Tickseed Additional Product Shot 1445
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Zagreb Tickseed Leaf
Zagreb Tickseed Additional Product Shot 1445

Growth Facts

Zagreb Tickseed

Coreopsis verticillata 'Zagreb'
Masses of joyful golden flowers that declare, “Summer’s here!”
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Pure sunshine! Zagreb Tickseed brings a sunny splash to your borders even on cloudy days. This joyful Spirit makes a radiant display of golden blooms in summer. Blossoms that look like dainty yellow daisies smother the fine, feathery foliage. Plant this compact grower right in front of the bed, so it’s the first thing your guests see when they walk by your entryway garden, foundation beds, or patio plantings. We love it with purple and blue tones, such as Russian Sage. It also shines with hot-colored Spirits like Sombrero® Adobe Orange and Sombrero® Salsa Red Coneflowers.

Growth Facts

The Story

Sometimes a plant leaves home and comes back new and improved. That’s what happened with Zagreb Threadleaf Tickseed. Threadleaf Tickseed is a lovely native Spirit found in the wild in the eastern U.S. from Massachusetts to Florida. Gardeners in Europe like to grow it, too, and when horticulturists at the University of Zagreb in Croatia got their hands on it, they developed this superior form. Zagreb has a more compact habit and is more floriferous than your run-of-the-mill, wild American Tickseed. It was named in 1997 and has been a hit with gardenersaround the globe ever since.

The Details

Food for pollinators! Include Zagreb Tickseed in your pollinator garden and give these precious creatures a treat. Zagreb supplies nectar and pollen for many native bees and other small insects that do important work in our gardens.

How to Grow

Zagreb Tickseed isn’t hard to grow, and novice gardeners will have success with it. Just plant it where it will receive full sun all day and make sure the soil drains freely. It will need regular water while the roots get established in the ground, but after that it will be less needy. Soggy soils in winter can spell trouble. Go light on the fertilizer, feeding only when growth appears pale or weak. Cut old growth back before new shoots appear in spring. Tickseed craves heat, so it may take a while to reappear if spring is unusually cool.

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Zagreb Tickseed Leaf
Zagreb Tickseed Additional Product Shot 1445