Firewitch Pinks Leaf

Growth Facts

Firewitch Pinks

Dianthus gratianopolitanus 'Feuerhexe'
Mesmerizing hot pink blooms that smell like candy and bloom forever.
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Spellbinding! Firewitch Pinks will charm you with its magenta-pink blossoms. This dazzling Spirit will wow you over a long season. The candy-scented flowers bloom profusely in spring, appear sporadically in summer, and make a strong encore performance in early fall. When not in bloom, the plant still looks sharp, thanks to its tidy blue foliage. Firewitch is a sun-loving, low groundhugger that’s perfect for the front of your mixed borders. Plant it near your outdoor entertaining area to enjoy not only the vibrant color it brings, but also the sweet fragrance it exudes. So enchanting.

Growth Facts

The Story

Pinks are a group of perky Spirits found mostly in Europe and Asia. Although many of them have pink flowers, you might be surprised to learn that that’s not the reason for their name. Pinks get their name from the jagged edges of their petals—the blooms look like they’ve been cut with pinking shears! Their botanical name is a glorious one. Horticulturists refer to this genus as Dianthus, which means “flower of the gods.” A German nursery developed Firewitch in 1957 under the name ‘Feuerhexe’, though the plant didn’t catch on in the U.S. until the late 1980s.

The Details

Many Pinks struggle in the heat and humidity of the South, but Firewitch is a trooper, performing well all over the country. That’s one reason why the Perennial Plant Association chose Firewitch Pinks as their Perennial Plant of the Year for 2006. PPA judges also look for Spirits that are low maintenance, beautiful in multiple seasons, and resistant to pests and diseases.

How to Grow

Firewitch Pinks is an easy Spirit to grow, provided a few basic needs are met. First, this plant loves full sun. A southern or western exposure will give it the bright light it craves. Second, it requires well-drained soil. No wet feet for this one. Firewitch Pinks has low water needs once established, and it tolerates moderate periods of drought with no ill effects. Shear off the spent flowers to encourage new ones to form. The evergreen plants hold up well through all but the worst winters. If any unsightly foliage appears, remove it prior to new growth in early spring.

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Firewitch Pinks Leaf