June Hosta Leaf

Growth Facts

June Hosta

Hosta 'June'
Perhaps the perfect Hosta. Colorful and just the right size!

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The people have spoken! Always ranking near the top in the American Hosta Society’s annual Hosta popularity poll, June is easy to love. Showy but tasteful, substantial but not too large, it’s the first choice of garden designers and homeowners. Who isn’t drawn to its multi-colored foliage and neat habit? June makes a dense, symmetrical mound of heart-shaped foliage. Each leafy heart is painted soft yellow and marked with rich blue-green brushstrokes around the borders. Perfect for any of the more formal areas around your home that don’t receive afternoon sun.

Growth Facts

The Story

Hostas are native to Japan, China, and Korea, but they have many passionate fans around the world. Over the years, plant breeders (along with some home gardeners) have introduced new Hosta selections whenever they’ve found a plant with unique traits. As a result, there are now thousands of varieties to pick from! Large, small, blue, green, gold, variegated, upright, or spreading—there’s something for everyone. June emerged from Neo Plants of England in 1991. It arose as a sport (random mutation) of the elegant all-blue Halcyon Hosta. The American Hosta Growers Association chose June as their “Hosta of the Year” in 2001, a great honor.

The Details

Hostas are simple to grow, but one challenge Hosta growers do face is slugs. Slugs love these succulent Spirits. Because June Hosta has such thick, waxy foliage, however, it is largely slug-proof! They tend to shun it and go elsewhere in search of easier meals.

How to Grow

Take some care in siting June Hosta to achieve maximum wow factor. It needs some sun to bring out the yellow tones, but too much will burn the leaves. Morning sun is great. Give this specimen regular water for a lush effect. It will survive on less frequent irrigation, but will grow smaller in a dry spot. In deer-prone areas, treat with Plantskydd® to prevent grazing. Foliage will die back with the first frosts and can be cut back then. If you wish to dig and divide June, you can do it at any time, but late winter/early spring is best.

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June Hosta Leaf