Growth Facts

Snow Hill Wood Sage

Salvia x sylvestris 'Schneehugel'
Crisp white blossoms light up the border all summer long.

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Icy white flower spikes lend brightness to the border and go with everything! Snow Hill Salvia is a cheerful, easy mixer. It makes a satisfying companion to pastels and a dramatic partner to dark blossoms and foliage. This is also a wonderful Spirit to include in a “moon garden”—a garden planted with white-flowering and silver-foliaged plants that show up in the fading light of dusk and in the pale, soft glow of the full moon. Snow Hill Salvia blooms for an incredibly long time, giving you a lot of bang for your buck. Highly recommended.

Growth Facts

The Story

This species of Salvia, or Meadow Sage, is a wildflower that ranges from eastern Europe to western Siberia; it favors cool-summer climates. Meadow Sage grows most abundantly in sunny, dry meadows and forest edges in its homelands. Deer and other browsers avoid it because of the pungent smell of its leaves when crushed; it’s a member of the fragrant Mint family and is long-lived. Snow Hill Salvia was discovered at the nursery of the talented German plantsman, Ernst Pagels. It appeared as a sport (chance mutation) of his earlier introduction, Blue Hill Salvia. Snow Hill’s official German name is ‘Schneehügel’.

The Details

Bring on the pollinators! Snow Hill Salvia will welcome hummingbirds into your yard, as well as all sorts of hungry pollinators who do important work in the garden.

How to Grow

Give Snow Hill Salvia a position in all-day sun for maximum flower power. The soil should be free-draining and lean. Rich soil encourages floppy growth. Water regularly during establishment; less moisture will be needed in succeeding years. Deadhead (prune out spent flower spikes) to keep plants looking thrifty and to encourage new flower buds to form. Plants will often bloom until frost. Cut back old stems and foliage before new growth resumes in spring. Snow Hill Salvia rarely needs dividing and may be left in place for many years.

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