Coral FLAME™ Garden Phlox Tree

Growth Facts

Coral FLAME™ Garden Phlox

Phlox paniculata 'Barsixtytwo' PP22,234
Gives your landscape a cheerful punch of color all summer long.

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Wow! Coral Flame™ Phlox puts some zest in your landscape. This high-powered Spirit turns up the volume with its intense, over-the-top blossoms. The blooms are such a blazing coral-red color, you can see them from a football field away! The plant will grab your attention, even though it doesn’t take up much roomCoral Flame™ is a pint-sized version of Garden Phlox. While many old-fashioned varieties grow tall and floppy, this modern take stays compact and picture-perfect. Plant it at the front of your border or use it as a portable colorspot in a container. It’s wonderful anyplace you could use some zing!

Growth Facts

The Story

A cherished native Spirit, Garden Phlox (as this species is known) has a long history in this country in both natural and manmade landscapes. It’s found in the wild all over the eastern United States, preferring somewhat moist ground in open woodlands and river edges. Hummingbirds, butterflies, and all sorts of other pollinators flock to it for its sweet nectar. The Flame™ Series was actually developed in the Netherlands by Bartels Breeding. Nurseryman Gosen Bartels bred this line to be shorter than ordinary Garden Phlox and suitable for containers. He introduced Coral Flame™ in 2010.

The Details

Although Coral Flame™ Phlox is designed to be much more compact than the typical Garden Phlox your grandma grew, its stems are still long enough for cutting. Coral Flame™ makes a sweet addition to fresh bouquets for the table. Bring the beauty of the garden indoors!

How to Grow

Coral Flame™ Phlox is easy to grow, and even novice gardeners will have success with it. Give it a spot in full sun for the most flower production. Light shade in the afternoon is a good idea in hot-summer regions. The soil should be rich and organic, yet drain well. Provide regular water, as Garden Phlox is not particularly drought tolerant. Feed with Bower & Branch Elements™ Fertilizer in the spring. Coral Flame™ will die back to the ground after a few frosts in the fall, and it may be cut back then to make way for new growth in spring.

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Coral FLAME™ Garden Phlox Tree