Pardon Me Daylily Leaf

Growth Facts

Pardon Me Daylily

Hemerocallis 'Pardon Me'
A bolt of red for your borders that needs no apologies.
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No apologies necessary, you coy little Daylily. You’re a ravishing redhead, and you know it! Pardon Me Daylily is a seriously beautiful Spirit with a funny name. This popular perennial will bring welcome color to your landscape in the form of scores of cranberry-red blossoms. If rich, regal red is what you relish, then Pardon Me is the plant for you. A repeat bloomer, it will continue to grace your garden with righteous red bells even after the initial burst of bloom in early summer. Plant this compact grower at the front of your mixed borders or use it in a feisty container planting.

Growth Facts

The Story

Daylilies, originally native to Asia, have become one of gardeners’ most beloved Spirits, and with good reason. These tough, adaptable plants offer stunning blooms in a wide array of colors, sizes, and shapes. Some are fragrant, too. They’re easy to hybridize, and professionals and amateurs alike have come up with winning new forms. An accomplished Daylily breeder by the name of Darrell Apps developed Pardon Me in 1982. He used ‘Little Grapette’ Daylily as one of the parents, which has rosy-red flowers with a bit more purple in them. Apps is also known for introducing the wildly popular Happy Returns Daylily.

The Details

The deep crimson petals of Pardon Me Daylily surround a bright yellow throat. You can highlight this detail and create some drama by planting yellow flowers nearby, such as Happy Returns Daylily. Professional garden designers always look for secondary flower colors and find ways to draw them out. You can, too.

How to Grow

A full-sun site will yield the most blooms; very light shade is acceptable, too. Pardon Me Daylily will grow in any soil with decent drainage. Rich, organic, but free-draining ground is ideal. Water well during establishment and during dry spells. During the growing season, you can maximize rebloom by removing spent flowers promptly, before they have a chance to go to seedand divert energy to seed production. Cut down brown foliage in late fall or winter to make way for new growth to emerge in early spring. If reblooming slows down, dig, divide, and replant clumps to restore vigor.

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Pardon Me Daylily Leaf