Schipkaensis Cherry Laurel Tree
Schipkaensis Cherry Laurel Leaf
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Schipkaensis Cherry Laurel Tree
Schipkaensis Cherry Laurel Leaf

Growth Facts

Schipkaensis Cherry Laurel

Prunus laurocerasus 'Schipkaensis'
Fast-growing filler or screen looks sharp in all seasons.
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Schipkaensis Cherry Laurel is the ultimate team player. This handsome Accent works hard to beautify your landscape, consorts well with others in groups, and never complains if conditions are less than ideal. Put it to the task when you realize that your landscape needs some more structure and winter greenery, and it will not disappoint. Its glossy green leaves bring a lush look to bare spaces and growth is fast. You can easily shape your “Skip” Laurel into a tidy, formal hedge, or leave it unpruned for a looser feel. Dapper and dependable!

Growth Facts

The Story

Cherry Laurel, also known as Common Laurel or English Laurel, is indeed related to Cherry Trees (though you can’t eat the fruit it produces). This large Accent is native to eastern Europe and parts of the Middle East, ranging from Albania to Iran. Gardeners have valued it for hundreds of years as a useful hedge, evergreen filler, or even a small tree. Schipkaensis Cherry Laurel, commonly known as Skip Laurel, has been a favorite since Victorian times. It was discovered in 1889 near the Schipka Pass in the mountains of Bulgaria. It has finer foliage than most wild Cherry Laurels and doesn’t get as big.

The Details

Mid- to late spring brings an eruption of creamy white bottlebrush flowers. Skip Laurel’s tiny blooms have a sweet fragrance that attracts pollinators of all stripes.

How to Grow

Adaptable and easy. Schipkaensis Cherry Laurel flourishes in sun or shade, although it does prefer shade in hot climates. It isn’t terribly fussy about soil as long as it drains well, and it isn’t a water hog; in fact, it puts up with dry shade like a champ. A tolerance for pollution and salt spray makes it a worthy choice for urban gardens, and its resistance to deer browse means it’s a godsend in certain rural areas. Skip Laurel is one of the most cold-hardy of the Cherry Laurels, too. Its foliage remains undamaged to at least -6ºF.

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Schipkaensis Cherry Laurel Tree
Schipkaensis Cherry Laurel Leaf