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Horstmann Blue Atlas Cedar

Cedrus atlantica glauca 'Horstmann'
This choice, compact conifer will light up your beds and borders.
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The Blue Atlas Cedar is a magnificent evergreen tree with a regal demeanor and sublime, sky-blue needles. It lends a distinguished air to large properties. But what if you don’t have a large property? Then Horstmann Blue Atlas Cedar is the tree for you. Growing at the modest rate of only about 6 inches per year, this choice version of the classic Blue Cedar stays compact and never gets out of control. Light up small spaces with the same dreamy blue color and sharp style of its big brothers!

Growth Facts

The Story

Blue Atlas Cedar is native to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and Algeria. This majestic tree was welcomed into European gardens in 1839, when a French gardener planted the first one. Since then, it has given rise to several other forms, such as the Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar. Horstmann Blue Atlas Cedar was selected from a crop of seedlings in the 1970s in a German nursery. It was named after the nurseryman who discovered it, Günter Horstmann. Horstmann was also the originator of the exquisite Korean Fir known as ‘Horstmann’s Silberlocke’.

The Details

Plant Horstmann Blue Atlas Cedar as a brilliant evergreen specimen within the mixed borders around your home. It will anchor the bed without overtaking it. This stunning Cedar also looks handsome in the company of other slow-growing conifers.

How to Grow

Because its adapted to life in North Africa, Blue Atlas Cedar tolerates much hotter and drier weather than most evergreen trees. It can be a little sensitive to cold and harsh winds, however, so site Horstmann Blue Atlas Cedar in a sheltered but warm and sunny place. Fast-draining soil is essential. Keep your tree well supplied with water during the first year or two of establishment; after that, it will be much more self-sufficient. You should rarely, if ever, need to prune Horstmann, and pests and diseases don’t bother it.

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4-5' Tall. Grown in our #10 tree container. This is a plant that will make your landscape pop through the years.

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