Coral Bells Azalea Tree

Growth Facts

Coral Bells Azalea

Azalea x 'Coral Bells' (Kurume hybrid)
Ring in the spring season with this cheerful flowering evergreen Accent!

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A staple in the South and a major player at the Augusta National during the Masters Tournament, Coral Bells Azalea is adored for a reason—flowers! Frilly, fun, fabulous flowers. When spring has returned and you’re dusting off the grill (and the golf clubs), Coral Bells brightens your landscape with dreamy pink blossoms that have just a hint of apricot. They absolutely smother the foliage so you can barely detect the tidy evergreen leaves underneath. Neat and compact, this Accent fits nicely in the formal shady borders around your home. Use it near your foundation, where it won’t block the windows.

Growth Facts

The Story

Hybrid Evergreen Azaleas are the glorious result of years of patient breeding work done using countless species and forms of these spectacular Accents. Because of the efforts of so many professional and amateur plant lovers, we now have a rainbow of colors to choose from when selecting Azaleas for our homes. Coral Bells is part of the Kurume Group of Azaleas, originating in Japan. This group consists of over 700 varieties. Coral Bells is one of the very best and most popular Kurume Azaleas; it has been around for over 100 years. You may also find it listed as ‘Kirin’ Azalea.

The Details

You may want to plant Coral Bells Azalea near a sitting area, so you can study the fascinating flowers at close range. They have a “hose-in-hose” form, which means that it looks like one flower has been dropped inside of another. Pretty neat!

How to Grow

Azaleas appreciate a little pampering. They thrive when shielded from hot summer sun and given moist but well-drained, acidic soil. They never like to dry out but don’t care for soggy conditions, either. Azaleas can “burn” from harsh chemical fertilizers, so feed with a gentle organic product like Bower & Branch Elements™ Fertilizer. Azalea lace bug can sometimes be an issue, but specimens grown in optimal conditions in most cases will remain healthy and resistant to attack. If pruning is necessary, trim your Coral Bells Azalea immediately after blooming, as next year’s flower buds are formed in summer.

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Coral Bells Azalea Tree