White Rosebud Azalea Tree
White Rosebud Azalea Additional Product Shot 1506
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White Rosebud Azalea Tree
White Rosebud Azalea Additional Product Shot 1506

Growth Facts

White Rosebud Azalea

Azalea x 'White Rosebud' (Kehr Hybrid)
A prim and precious Accent that brings a sweet touch to lightly shaded gardens.
Shipping Autumn of 2021
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Like a bouquet of little roses! White Rosebud is an unusual and endearing Azalea that puts on a charming parade of sweet white blossoms in spring. The buds do look just like rosebuds, and when fully open, the double flowers look more like Roses or Camellias than Azaleas. Reaching a moderate size at maturity, this compact Accent is easy to integrate into your landscape. You can even grow it in containers. Plant it near a shady sitting area, entryway, or path so you and your guests can enjoy the blooms at close range. Precious!

Growth Facts

The Story

White Rosebud Azalea is the handiwork of the late Dr. August Kehr, who worked for the USDA and lived in Silver Spring, Maryland. He was a passionate Magnolia, Rhododendron, and Azalea breeder in his spare time and served as president of the American Rhododendron Society in the 1970s. Kehr used Joseph Gable’s fine pink-blooming Azalea, Rosebud, as one of the parents in his breeding project; the other parent was an obscure white-blooming variety. He developed White Rosebud in 1962 and introduced it to grateful gardeners in 1967. It continues to be a popular selection today.

The Details

White Rosebud Azalea closely resembles its clear pink parent, Rosebud, except it has snowy white petals and a pale green throat. The two Accents look smashing together, so plant both if you can!

How to Grow

Azaleas appreciate a little pampering. They thrive when shielded from hot summer sun and given moist but well-drained, acidic soil. They never like to dry out but don’t care for soggy conditions, either. Azaleas can “burn” from harsh chemical fertilizers, so feed with a gentle organic product like Bower & Branch Elements™ Fertilizer. If pruning is needed, do it immediately after blooming, as next year’s flower buds are formed in summer. Of all the Azaleas on the market, White Rosebud is one of the most adaptable. It is hardy to -10ºF (possibly colder) and can be successfully grown in many parts of the country.

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White Rosebud Azalea Tree
White Rosebud Azalea Additional Product Shot 1506