Common Boxwood Tree

Growth Facts

Common Boxwood

Buxus sempervirens
A classy evergreen element that has many uses in the landscape.

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A “common” Accent with a regal presence! Common Boxwood is a misnomer for an extraordinary plant that has graced the finest gardens on both sides of the Atlantic for centuries. This luxe, evergreen Accent will enable you to construct living green walls, borders, and hedges that define space, establish boundaries, and add structure to your landscape. Use it to guide visitors through your garden or to create a cozy outdoor sitting area where you and your family can relax in peace and privacy. Common Boxwood’s glossy leaves and strong shape will be a pleasure to view all year-round—the perfect marriage of form and function!

Growth Facts

The Story

Native to the Mediterranean region as well as other parts of Europe, western Asia, and North Africa, Common Boxwood has long been woven into the history of human civilization. Its wood is very hard and has been used in making things like clarinets, tool handles, and chess pieces. As a garden plant, it has played a key role in defining what a formal garden should look like. Planted closely together to form hedges or sheared into topiary, Boxwood (called “Box” in England) supplies both framework and ornamentation to many beautiful Old World gardens and tolandscapes (such as yours?) that seek to emulate that classic style.

The Details

Get creative—Common Boxwood is wonderfully malleable, and you can shape it into boxes, balls, clouds, or whatever your imagination can dream up! Left to grow naturally, it can also become a pretty little tree in regions where winters aren’t too harsh.

How to Grow

Common Boxwood is an easy to grow, adaptable plant that does well in all areas of the country except those that experience the most extreme temperatures (both hot and cold). It is a godsend in areas plagued by deer, as they shun it. Give Common Boxwood full sun for the most compact growth, although it will grow well in quite a bit of shade, too. It has average water needs. Trim your plant as needed (once or twice a year) to keep its outline clean and crisp. The foliage has a tendency to turn bronzy orange when exposed to icy winter winds, so give Common Boxwood a sheltered site if winters are severe in your area.

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Common Boxwood Tree