Yaku Prince Rhododendron Tree
Yaku Prince Rhododendron Leaf
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Yaku Prince Rhododendron Tree
Yaku Prince Rhododendron Leaf

Growth Facts

Yaku Prince Rhododendron

Rhododendron yakushimanum 'Yaku Prince'
A stately little Accent with luxurious foliage and fine pink flowers
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Regal and refined! If you’re seeking an aristocratic Accent for that high-profile spot in your landscape, look no further. Yaku Prince Rhododendron is a classy evergreen with charming flowers in spring and distinguished foliage all year-round. When the weather turns sweet and mild, this princely plant sports deep crimson buds that burst open to reveal lighter pink blossoms. In and out of bloom, it looks sharp, thanks to its neat, compact habit. The dense foliage extends all the way to the ground. Use Yaku Prince in the shady beds around your home where it will always look polished and never get out of control.

Growth Facts

The Story

Hybrid Evergreen Rhododendrons are the result of years of patient breeding work done using countless species and forms of these spectacular Accents. Yaku Prince Rhododendron originated at the nursery of Tony Shammarello near Cleveland, Ohio. Shammarello took a sudden interest in breeding Rhododendrons after the record-breakingly cold winter of 1938, which left 90% of the Rhodies in his fields crispy and brown. He set out to develop new plants that were more hardy and also less leggy than those on the market at the time. He bred Yaku Prince in 1960 and released it in 1976. Decades later, it continues to be a favorite among Rhododendron fans.

The Details

Yaku Prince is a type of Yakushima Rhododendron, a group appreciated for—among other things—its fantastic foliage. Leaves emerge with a beautiful silvery cast. They later turn green on top but have a fine layer of tan fuzz on the undersides. This fuzz serves as an effective deterrent to the insects that may attack Rhododendrons and Azaleas.

How to Grow

Rhododendrons appreciate a little pampering. They thrive when shielded from hot summer sun and given moist but well-drained, acidic soil. They never like to dry out but don’t care for soggy conditions, either. Rhododendrons can “burn” from harsh chemical fertilizers, so feed with a gentle organic product like Bower & Branch Elements™ Fertilizer. Azalea lace bug can sometimes be an issue, but specimens grown in optimal conditions in most cases will remain healthy and resistant to attack. Yakushima Rhododendrons, like this one, are particularly resistantto the Azalea lace bug. If pruning is necessary, trim your Yaku Prince Rhododendronimmediately after blooming, as next year’s flower buds are formed in summer.

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Yaku Prince Rhododendron Tree
Yaku Prince Rhododendron Leaf