Growth Facts

Lemon Splash®Weeping Cherry

Prunus incisa 'FPMSPL' PP23,384

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Everybody loves Weeping Cherry Trees. They offer dazzling spring blossoms, brilliant fall color, and handsome bark in the winter. The only small complaint you could lodge against them is that they’re just plain green in the summer. Well, Lemon Splash® Weeping Cherry shuts down that argument. After the sparkling, pale pink to white spring flowers fade and before the autumn foliage turns red, orange, and purple, the variegated summer leaves take the stage. Bordered by an irregular margin of chartreuse-yellow, they light up the landscape in a charming way. You’ll love it all year-round!

Growth Facts

The Story

Lemon Splash® is a selection of Fuji Cherry, a species native to Japan. It grows—as you can imagine—on the slopes of Mt. Fuji. Although it is one of the lesser-known types of Cherry Trees you can grow, it is perfectly delightful in the garden. Lemon Splash® is a unique variation that appeared at an English nursery. Grower Nick Dunn saw something odd one day in 2006 in his crop of Snow Showers Cherries. A single branch of one plant had put out yellow-edged leaves. Every Lemon Splash® Cherry since has sprung from that single lucky mutation.

The Details

Lemon Splash® Weeping Cherry is one of the first flowering trees to kick off the spring season. Every year, you’ll celebrate its blossoms, a sure sign that winter weather is coming to an end. Plant it with Daffodils and other extra-early bloomers to make the annual event even more festive.

How to Grow

Lemon Splash® Weeping Cherry thrives in any sunny location in most types of soil, except those that stay wet. This is a grafted tree, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for suckers coming up from the base of the tree or growing straight up from the trunk—prune these out immediately. You’ll also want to watch out for Japanese beetles, which may chew Lemon Splash’s leaves in summer. They may be picked off by hand or controlled with chemicals or organic sprays. Please don’t hesitate to ask our tree care specialists here at Bower & Branch™ for advice on the pest control plan that works best for you!

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