Growth Facts

Golden Variegated Sweet Flag

Acorus gramineus 'Ogon'
This perky yellow Fringe illuminates wet, shady spots in your landscape.

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Got a dull spot with soggy soil? Give it a jolt of color! Wet sites are ideal for this sassy Fringe. Golden Variegated Sweet Flag is a low-growing plant with high-voltage, yellow-striped foliage that will electrify your landscape. Use it in a rain garden, at the edge of a pond, near a downspout, or in any troublesome spot where water drains poorly. You can also plant Golden Variegated Sweet Flag in average garden conditions as long as regular water is supplied. It makes a sharp edger for a mixed border and a fine semi-evergreen groundcover for small spaces.

Growth Facts

The Story

Sweet Flag gives a subtle Asian feel to the landscape; this beautiful Fringe is native to China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and the Philippines. The name “Sweet” Flag comes from the fact that the leaves, when bruised, exude a refreshing scent. Some compare the fragrance to cinnamon, others to citrus. In days past, Japanese people would scatter clippings of Sweet Flag near the threshold of their homes. Guests would step on them, releasing a pleasing aroma. This special variegated selection was introduced to the U.S. from Japan in 1975 by Pennsylvania plantsman Barry Yinger.

The Details

Grow Golden Variegated Sweet Flag in a container! Employ this brilliant Fringe as a perky potted colorspot on your porch or patio. Setting the pot in a saucer of water will make it easy to provide the steady moisture it loves.

How to Grow

If you’ve read this far, you know that Golden Variegated Sweet Flag adores moisture. In fact, it will grow happily with its crown a few inches under water. However, moderately moist soils are fine, too. In most cases, morning sun and afternoon shade are best for this Spirit, but in mild-summer areas, full sun may be acceptable. Sweet Flag is largely trouble-free when it comes to pests and diseases, and deer tend to avoid it. The foliage, which is brightest during the cooler parts of the year, is evergreen where winters aren’t severe. If the leaves do get damaged, simply cut them back in early spring.

More Info

Cold Tolerance/Hardiness Zone 5
Heat Tolerance/Hardiness Zone 11
Exposure Part Sun to Sun
Avg Mature Height 10-12"
Avg Mature Width 10-12"
Flower Color Inconspicuous
Foliage Color Golden Yellow and Green
Attracts Butterflies No
Attracts Hummingbirds No
Attracts Pollinators No
Deer Resistant No
Drought Tolerant No
Dry, Poor Soils No
Fragrant Yes
Groundcover Yes
Native No
Salt Tolerance/Seashore No
Shade Tolerance No
Showy Flowers No
Wet Moist Soils Yes
Winter Interest Yes
Woodland Garden Yes
Decor/Craft Use No

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