Passionate Returns Daylily Tree

Growth Facts

Passionate Returns Daylily

Hemerocallis x 'Passionate Returns'
Lots and lots of velvety pink blossoms that will make you swoon.
Shipping Spring of 2022
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A Spirit you can fall in love with! Passionate Returns Daylily will woo you and win you over with its bountiful blossoms. For weeks in summer and early fall, it will present you with a winsome bouquet of voluptuous blooms. The thick, velvety petals are colored a rich rose-pink; a glowing yellow throat makes the pink tones pop. You’ll be pleased to know that despite its ravishing appearance, this beauty is no diva at all. Even novice gardeners—with any type of soil—can grow it with ease. We highly recommend it.

Growth Facts

The Story

Daylilies, originally from Asia, have taken the world by storm. They’re easy to hybridize, and professionals and amateurs alike have come up with winning new forms. They now come in a stunning array of colors, sizes, and shapes. New Jersey nurseryman Darrell Apps bred Rosy Returns Daylily in 1998. It has a fine pedigree. Two stellar parents, Romantic Returns and Red Hot Returns, give it its warm rosy pink hues and its reblooming nature. Of the many, many excellent Daylilies that Apps has bred, Passionate Returns remains one of his proudest achievements.

The Details

Short and sweet! Passionate Returns Daylily’s petite habit makes it easy to fit into any landscape. It serves as a perky edger to mixed beds and borders, pathways, pools, and driveways. It’s a great performer in a pot as well.

How to Grow

A full-sun site will yield the most blooms; very light shade is acceptable, too. Passionate ReturnsDaylily will grow in any soil with decent drainage. Rich, organic, but free-draining ground is ideal. Water well during establishment and during dry spells. During the growing season, you can maximize rebloom by removing spent flowers promptly, before they have a chance to go to seedand divert energy to seed production. Cut down brown foliage in late fall or winter to make way for new growth to emerge in early spring. If reblooming slows down, dig, divide, and replant clumps to restore vigor.

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Passionate Returns Daylily Tree