Carolina Silverbell Tree
Carolina Silverbell Leaf
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Carolina Silverbell Tree
Carolina Silverbell Leaf
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Carolina Silverbell Additional Product Shot 1000

Growth Facts

  • Hardiness Zone: 4-8
  • Spacing: 20-25''
  • Exposure: Sun/Part Shade
  • Deer Resistant: Yes
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Carolina Silverbell

Halesia carolina (tetraptera)
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When the world begins to green up, lilacs are blooming, and robins are laying their eggs, Carolina Silverbell adds its own flourish to the spring festivities. Look up then and enjoy this underused native tree's pearly white blossoms, which are suspended from every branch like little parasols. A cozy sitting area under its branches will become a magical space in your landscape each spring, and in summer its dappled shade will make the seat below it a favorite place to sip a cold lemonade and unwind. Plant this medium-sized ornamental tree against a background of large evergreens like Norway Spruce or Hemlock to help the dainty white flowers achieve maximum impact.


Growth Facts

  • Hardiness Zone: 4-8
  • Spacing: 20-25''
  • Exposure: Sun/Part Shade
  • Deer Resistant: Yes
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The Story

Silverbell is native to much of the Southeastern U.S. and was known to English colonists before the U.S. was the U.S.  So, it’s not surprising that the tree was named by an Englishman for another Englishman.  London merchant John Ellis suggested the name Halesia for his friend Stephen Hales.  Hales was a clergyman, botanist, biologist, philosopher, chemist, and physiologist.  Some of his most important work was done designing ventilators for dank, unhealthy places like ships.  Keep in mind this was in the early 1700s—oxygen had not been “discovered” yet!

The Details

"Be there with bells on" is this tree's theme! Each spring, this spectacular tree will "chime in" with clusters of white, bell-shaped flowers that line the branches. Wonderful yellow foliage will delight you in the fall. A very giving tree that can easily be introduced to your landscape design.

How to Grow

Carolina Silverbell is a beautiful tree and one that I think should be planted more often. For starters, it has awesome exfoliating bark that supplies you with visual interest throughout the year. The clusters of white bell-shaped flowers aren’t too shabby either. The low-branching habit makes the Carolina Silverbell a great candidate for a lawn or specimen tree in your garden. Considered a small tree, this beauty will make an excellent addition if planted by your deck or patio. They like sunny locations and do well in your everyday well-drained soil. Another bonus, Carolina Silverbells don’t have any major pest problems. Applying a medium rate fertilizer once a year during the fall season will be beneficial. The fertilizer only needs to be applied for the first 3 years or so and it provides essential nutrients needed to produce lush new growth for the following growing season. Carolina Silverbells are fast growers, so prune when needed to keep it in tip-top shape.

More Info

Cold Tolerance/Hardiness Zone 4
Heat Tolerance/Hardiness Zone 8
Exposure Sun/Part Shade
Avg Mature Height 30'
Avg Mature Width 20'
Spacing 20-25''
Growth Rate Medium
Leaf Color Green
Fall Leaf Color Yellow
Flower Color White
Flower Time Spring
Cary Award Winner No
PA Gold Medal Award No
Attractive Bark Yes
Attracts Birds Yes
Attracts Butterflies No
Attracts Hummingbirds Yes
Attracts Pollinators No
Deer Resistant Yes
Drought Tolerant No
Dry, Poor Soils No
Edible Fruit No
Fragrant Yes
Groundcover No
Hedge/Windbreak No
Native Yes
Salt Tolerance/Seashore No
Seasonal Cut Branches No
Shade Tolerance Yes
Showy Flowers Yes
Specimen Yes
Urban Conditions No
Utility Line Trees No
Wet Moist Soils No
Winter Interest No
Woodland Garden Yes
Decor/Craft Use No

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Carolina Silverbell Tree
Carolina Silverbell Leaf
Carolina Silverbell Additional Product Shot 1000