Bing Sweet Cherry Tree

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Bing Sweet Cherry

Prunus avium 'Bing'
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Bing gives you a big bang for your buck. Instead of shelling out loads of money for supermarket cherries, why not grow your own? Commercial growers love Bing for its juicy, sweet fruits and hefty harvests, and you will, too. It's the number one Cherry for good reason! Experience wholesome, homegrown snacking every summer. Bing Cherries taste like candy, but they're low in calories and high in fiber, vitamin C, and potassium. They're also an excellent source of antioxidants, which are natural plant chemicals that may help in the fight against aging, heart disease, Parkinson's disease, and cancer. A true superfood - like kale, but way better on ice cream!

  • Size AA (4' tall) bareroot, (Pre-Order Now, Shipping Spring 2022)
  • Size A (5-6' tall) container grown


Growth Facts

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The Story

In the 1850s, many Chinese people fled famine and war and went to the western U.S. for a better life. They worked in mines, built railroads, serves as housekeepers, and labored on farms. Ah Bing was one of these workers; he became a foreman at Seth Lewelling's orchard just south of Portland, Oregon. Bing discovered the famous Cherry there in 1875. In 1889, he went back to China to visit his family and was never seen again. It is likely that white settlers' hatred for and violence against Chinese people - and the resulting Chinese Exclusion Act - kept Bing from returning to America. 

The Details

Homeowners in the western states will have the best luck with Bing Cherry. The fruits are susceptible to splitting if it rains shortly before harvest. Reliably dry summers in Washington, Oregon, and California offer ideal conditions for this luscious fruit to reach its potential.

How to Grow

Cherries are fast-growing trees, but keeping them in prime condition can be a bit of a challenge, as they are subject to a fair number of pests and diseases that find Cherries as appealing as we do. Smart cultural practices will go a long way towards keeping your Bing Sweet Cherry Tree healthy and productive. Plant it in an open, sunny site in soil that's fertile and well drained. Provide regular irrigation during establishment and in periods of drought and mulch around the tree annually with shredded bark or wood chips to maintain even moisture and to moderate temperatures in the root zone. Be on the lookout for any potential problems and remove and destroy diseased fruits, leaves, or branches. You will need another variety of Sweet Cherry Tree in the vicinity to pollinate Bing's flowers. Our knowledgeable support team will be happy to answer any specific questions you may have at, so don't be afraid to give fruit-growing a try!

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Bing Sweet Cherry Tree