Living Tree Chairs

Create a forest of furniture! Bower & Branch Living Tree Chairs extend an invitation to interact with nature in a tactile, fun, and radically new way. They encourage us to rekindle the intimate relationship with Trees that many of us forged as children, and they encourage today’s kids to develop that same connection. Sit back in those magical days and enrich your landscape with something so unique for generations to enjoy.

The Irresistable Appeal of Bower & Branch Living Tree Chairs

“We plant trees not for ourselves, but for the future generations.” – Caecilius Statius

Looking for an heirloom that will be around for generations to enjoy? Living tree chairs could be the most unique and functional gift that yourself and your family can enjoy for many years to come. You’ll want to act quickly, though, because the last available tree chairs are ready for purchase now! The next crop of living tree chairs will not be available for another two years, and to ensure you get your living tree chair today, we have special savings!

Purchase your living tree chair today for only $995.00 throughout the month of October. If not for your family landscape, living tree chairs make great gifts for friends and loved ones especially since Christmas is right around the corner. Why buy ordinary outdoor furniture when you can contribute to the environment and enjoy the comfort of a tree chair? Our living tree chairs are also wonderful trees in the spring as they pop with colorful blooms and can be used as a unique specimen in your landscape. 


There are limited living tree chair quantities available so you’ll want to jump on this special pricing right away so you don’t miss out on having this amazing tree in your landscape. What are you waiting for? Bring a living tree chair home today!


Beauty and function merge in a revolutionary way in our new Living Tree Chair, becoming the crown jewel of your landscape with this fascinating treatment. We’ve shaped the classic tree into a living, leafing, photosynthesizing patio chair! That’s right—through a painstaking process of careful training, our growers have shaped this mighty shade tree into a sturdy, functional, unique, and fun chair for your outdoor living space. This is ‘backyard living’ at its finest, and you won’t find it anywhere else. Grown exclusively by Bower & Branch, your friends and neighbors won’t believe their eyes when they see a Living Tree Chair in your backyard. Topped with a canopy of deep green foliage that will give you a shady retreat where you can relax and unwind. Enrich your landscape into the future and mind to the days of childlike wonder.

Though we live in an increasingly virtual reality, witnessed largely through our machines and devices, we still long for real, organic experiences and connections with nature. Living Tree Chairs speak to this universal desire, bringing trees from the periphery of the yard into your personal outdoor living space where you and your family and friends dine, entertain, play, or unwind. More than simply something pretty to look at (though, like other Trees, they too offer lovely blooms and fall color) Living Tree Chairs extend an invitation to interact with nature in a tactile, fun, and radically new way.

The Future of Landscaping

What we’re doing at Bower & Branch is bold. Our Living Tree Chairs may make people smile, scratch their heads, or laugh out loud. We know we’re taking risks, but we’re willing to take those risks if it means that more people learn to appreciate, get engaged with, and experience the wonder of trees and nature.

How are Living Tree Chairs Grown?

Unlike other patio chairs, our Living Tree Chairs aren’t mass produced in a factory somewhere, but are trained by hand at the nursery by our skilled growers over a period of several years. Beginning at a young age—when trees are most pliable—each tree is carefully guided and pruned to take the desired form. This process doesn’t harm the tree in any way, but merely redirects its growth. Think of a tree in the forest with a kink in its trunk or a branch that veers off at an unusual angle. Trees are quite adaptable. When one path to growth is blocked, they will usually grow readily in another direction.

Your Bower & Branch Living Tree Chair comes to you ready to be incorporated into your outdoor living space. Once planted in the landscape, refrain from actual seating through the first 3 years or until the trellis has been removed in full. After 3 years, your Living Tree Chair will hold up to 300 lbs safely and as the Tree continues to form & grow, weight restrictions will be removed in full by the 5th year.

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