Three Actions to Take Right Now to Make 2019 a Great Year


I have been a professional grower for over 40 years and I still forget to fertilize (or avoid fertilizing) the plants in my landscape. I know how fertilizer works. I know it helps eliminate pests. I know it helps plants grow better and faster. During those years when I don’t get around to fertilizing, my laziness leads to less dynamic results from my favorite shrubs and trees, and garden guilt sets in. 

Fortunately, fertilizing is easy, and Bower & Branch makes it easier than ever before with Elements® granular and soluble fertilizer. There’s no fear, and there’s no risk. As spring is the best time to fertilize, I will be attending to my landscape, making sure everything is well cared for. I’ll be fertilizing my umbrella pine, my collection of Japanese maples, my Snow Fountain living tree chair, my wife Kathy’s favorite southern magnolia, and my sweetbay magnolia. No garden guilt!


Plant with purpose!

Kathy’s southern magnolia was only eight feet tall when we planted it. Now, only four years later, it is over 20 feet tall and it produces huge, beautiful blooms throughout the summer. Trees grow! 

In 2019, I will be planting much more in our outdoor landscape, adding to the spaces we enjoy all throughout the year. The best trees I’ve ever planted are those that have been planted with purpose, whether for shade or for privacy. Better yet are the trees and plants we have planted to create a warm and inviting haven. And even better than that? All the plantings I have done and enjoy today. And there are more to come, too—I don’t have any dogwood trees, so 2019 will be the year to add some! I prefer white dogwoods, and I prefer planting them in groves. 

Have a garden day!

I love to garden…and I also don’t. Although I love flowers, I hate weeds. I envy other beautiful landscapes. I love container gardens and I want to have them placed throughout my landscapes. I’m just busy. 

In 2019, I’ll be dedicating every Monday as my weekly garden day. In 2019, the weeds won’t be a burden. I’ll be plucking them weekly rather than waiting until they’ve already become burdensome. Every Monday, I’ll pull a few weeds. I’ll cultivate. I’ll prune. I’ll plant a new container garden. Maybe I’ll even grow some tomatoes. Mondays, I’ll enjoy being outdoors, talking to my neighbors about their gardens, and possibly pulling some weeds for them, too. I’ll fertilize regularly, plant and add to my collection, labor one evening a week to keep up, and enjoy my garden all seven days of the week.