Trees We Can’t Wait to See Bloom!


With all the hullabaloo that came with Snowstorm Juno, we cannot help but mentally fast forward to early Spring, when snow is one of the farthest things from our minds. After the consistently cold, very wet weather we get in the Northeast, we can imagine that we are not the only ones!

So right about now is when our thoughts venture forward to what will replace the snow covered branches, begin to fill in the holes in between and give a much needed splendor of color after months of dreary gray, brown and white. What might that be? Flowers! One of the first signs that Spring is here is when the flowers begin to open up after a long, monotonous winter. From red to yellow to purple, the rainbow of colors that pop out is astonishing!

Here are a few Trees we can’t wait to see bloom!

First, the Royal Burgundy Cherry. Many have heard of this darling’s parent plant, the Kwanzan Cherry, the all-star of Washington D.C.’s Cherry Blossom Festival. So knowing who the parent is, can you imagine how breathtaking the Royal Burgundy’s flowers are!? With various shades of dark to light pink with just a hint of white, these flowers are not only eye catching, but are quite successful at attracting the nose as well! Add in the emerging burgundy leaves to offset the flowers and you have got a show stopper here!


Next up, the Ruby Falls Redbud. This stunner has remarkable flowers that can be considered a pinkish-purplish type color. These pea-like blossoms arrive before its heart shaped, weeping foliage and remain clustered tight to the branch, completely covering the bark in many places. The flowers provide an amazing cascade of color as the branches weep to the ground and beyond, making this one a Spring spectacle you do not want to miss!


And last but not least – the number one Tree we cannot wait to see bloom is the Magnolia Butterflies. A well-known and beloved Tree, the Magnolia offers stunning flowers most commonly in white or pink, but this one goes above and beyond. Large, fragrant banana-yellow blooms grace the branches of this unusual variety and would shine bright in your landscape after the gloomy winter. A winner for sure – you would not be disappointed if you had one of these beauties in your landscape!


These are just three Trees out of so many that we are excited to see this coming Spring and it is because of thoughts like these that we are able to make it through the next couple weeks of winter! Hopefully you are doing the same – think happy Spring thoughts!

What Trees are you dreaming about?