Big Trees

Big Trees

Big Trees

These forest giants are an awe-inspiring sight! Large and in charge, big trees are the sentinels of your yard and landscape, providing not just beauty but homes for your children to play and the natural wildlife to live. Humongous sturdy trees that will immediately make its presence known in your backyard. These trees have been field grown, balled and burlapped, and ready to be rooted in your gardens! Colossal trees available exclusively at Bower &Branch, from our fields to your homes!

Autumn Blaze Maple Makes a Great Shade Tree

Legacy® Sugar Maple

Acer saccharum ‘Legacy’

Up to 2.5″ Caliper Sizes Available – Delivered and Planted

Plant a Legacy Sugar Maple tree and enjoy the colors of a New England autumn leaf tour in your own backyard! You’ll have plenty of photo opportunities when this classic American shade tree turns fluorescent orange and red in fall. In summer, your favorite spot on a Sunday afternoon just might become a comfy hammock under a ceiling of Sugar Maple tree leaves, and you and your family will probably find yourselves wanting to share more meals outdoors in this majestic Maple’s cooling shade. In winter, you might even try tapping your own maple syrup! A large, long-lived, noble tree, Legacy Sugar Maple truly is a legacy tree that will be enjoyed by your family and cherished by generations to come.

American Sweetgum Shade Tree


Liquidambar styraciflua

Up to 2.5″ Caliper Sizes Available – Delivered and Planted

The American Sweetgum tree (or “Sweet Gum” tree), a moderately fast-growing shade tree for large properties, makes an excellent addition to your wildlife-friendly garden. Its foliage will feed caterpillars of the breathtaking, ghostly-green luna moth, and its fruits will produce finch seed as fine as any you can buy at the store. About those fruits… they’re prickly capsules called “gumballs” that are good for painting as ornaments, scattering among your flowers to deter mischievous cats, or throwing at your little brother. The real reason you’ll want this tree, however, is for the fall color. Red, orange, yellow, purple, and green leaves will appear – sometimes on the same branch. It’s a whole bag of Skittles® candy colors!

Pagoda Dogwood Big Tree

Pagoda Dogwood

Cornus alternifolia

Up to 2.5″ Caliper Sizes Available – Delivered and Planted

Pagoda Dogwood is so named for its horizontal branching structure that brings to mind the layered tiers of a Chinese pagoda. This small but wide-spreading ornamental tree will grace your landscape with an easy elegance that compliments both formal and informal style. Its architectural lines are most striking in winter, when the horizontal branches are laid bare and topped with snow, or in late spring, when they’re peppered with fuzzy white flowers, but we like Pagoda Dogwood best in summer, when songbirds come to plunder the fruits. Start your day with a cup of joe on the deck, watching the birds enjoying your Pagoda Dogwood, and we guarantee you can’t help but face the day in a good mood!

Sunburst® Honeylocust


Gleditsia tri inermis ‘Suncole’

Up to 2.5″ Caliper Sizes Available – Delivered and Planted

Sunburst® Honeylocust cheerfully shouts, “Hello, Spring!” with its glorious glowing yellow foliage. As summer heats up, it settles down to a pretty peapod-green color, only to trade green leaves for gold again in fall. This special version of our native Honeylocust tree casts a dappled shade that’s just right for reading a book or sharing an outdoor meal with family or friends. Sunburst is a waterwise, low-maintenance tree that won’t hog your time or resources. Even fall cleanup is a piece of cake! The tiny leaflets mostly blow away, and the leaf stems that remain can be gathered up or left in place to decompose naturally.