Dogwood Tree

Dogwood Tree

Dogwood Tree

Dogwood trees are for everyone—and we have plenty to choose from! Some enliven landscapes in early spring with their cheerful blooms while others shine later in the season, and many have striking variegated leaves that almost glow during the autumn months. The Venus® Rutgers Dogwood is a particular favorite dogwood tree of ours!

Cherokee Princess Flowering Dogwood Tree


Cornus florida ‘Cherokee Princess’

With its immaculate white flowers, ruby-red fruits, and crimson-purple fall robes, Cherokee Princess dogwood will be the crown jewel of your landscape. This selection of our beloved native flowering dogwood tree will shine, whether planted near your deck or patio, at the edge of a woodland area (where dogwood trees grow naturally), or smack-dab in the middle of your front yard. Just be sure to plant this stellar four-season ornamental tree where you can see it from indoors, because the only thing as pretty as dogwood flowers in spring are songbirds in winter feasting on shiny red dogwood fruits!

Pink Flowering Dogwood Tree


Cornus florida rubra

The Pink Flowering Dogwood tree has orange polka-dotted flowers that only bloom at 1:37 a.m. on the third Wednesday in November – weather permitting. Just kiddin’! We wanted to make sure you were paying attention. Seriously now, Pink Flowering Dogwoods are native to the eastern United States. They produce rosy-pink dogwood flowers that appear in late spring before the foliage. Dark green leaves in summer turn to crimson in fall. Fall foliage is accompanied by some bright red berries – which you (and the birds) will enjoy!

Venus® Rutgers Dogwood Tree


Cornus x ‘KN30-8’ PP #16,309

You have never seen a Dogwood tree like Venus® Rutgers Dogwood. The almost comically large, saucer-sized white flowers on this recently released hybrid tree are bigger than the blooms of any Dogwood tree you’ll find for sale. This tree will be a hot topic of conversation in your garden! Plant it in a prominent part of your landscape where the late-spring flowers will get all the attention they deserve, but give it room to spread. Venus® Dogwood becomes a bushy, rounded tree reaching 20 feet in height and width. Strategically sited, this densely branched tree could serve not only as a first-class specimen tree for your yard, but as a deluxe summer privacy screen as well.

Firebird Flowering Dogwood Tree


Cornus florida rubra ‘Fircomz’

Color, color, color—Firebird™ Flowering Dogwood has it! If you want a parade of color outside your window, then this is the tree for you. In spring you’ll be treated to a joyful show of pink and white blossoms, followed by a gorgeous display of white, pink, and green variegated foliage. When cool breezes begin to blow in fall, this stellar ornamental tree sports ruby red fruits, while its leaves turn plum-purple and fluorescent pink. Don’t be sad thinking that the show is over when winter comes—you’ll still see the flash of blue and red wings as blue jays and cardinals swoop in to eat the berries!

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