Redbud Tree

Redbud Tree

Redbud Tree

The Redbud Tree is a true work of art! Their distinctive flowers—anywhere from light pink to hot pink to lavender—emerge directly from the bark in spring, lighting up landscapes and making them picture-perfect. You’ll be even more impressed with our Redbud Groundcover tree and our romantic Pink Heartbreaker Trellis!

Pink Heartbreaker® Redbud Tree - Hign Form


Cercis canadensis ‘Pink Heartbreaker’ PP 23,043

Pink Heartbreaker Weeping Redbud will surely win your heart like it has ours with its flowing form, its sweet heart-shaped foliage, and its perky pink flowers which hug the branches in spring. Growers love Pink Heartbreaker because its strong branching habit makes it less likely to get broken up during shipping than the older weeping Redbud selection, Lavender Twist (a.k.a. ‘Covey’). If errant soccer balls occasionally find their way into your landscape beds, then you’ll appreciate that strong branching, too! You’ll also love Pink Heartbreaker’s super-fast growth rate and its compact size. There are very few specimen trees that grow fast but don’t get too big, and this is one of them.

Ruby Falls Redbud Tree


Cercis canadensis ‘Ruby Falls’ PP 22,097

When Ruby Falls Redbud first went up for sale in 2010, it rocketed to the top of many people’s wish lists for the garden. This charismatic little tree has it all! What other ornamental tree can boast delicate lilac-pink flowers in spring, bold plum-purple foliage, and a graceful weeping habit? What’s more, this choice native flowering tree’s small size means it has a place in any garden, large or small. You’ll probably want to give Ruby Falls a premium, high-traffic spot in your landscape, such as near your front door, patio, or deck, because this dazzling specimen treedeserves to be shown off. Get Ruby Falls Redbud off your wish list and in the ground today!

Native Eastern Redbud


Cercis canadensis

When the Redbuds are in bloom, that’s your cue to keep an eye out for the first Ruby-throated Hummingbirds returning north. Their first sip of nectar in your garden could be from your own Eastern Redbud tree. This beloved native understory tree is a fine one to include in your backyard bird space. Besides early hummingbirds, it also feeds songbirds, which eat the seeds as well as the insects they find feeding on the leaves and flowers. Eastern Redbud is a great tree to hang a bird feeder in, too. The backdrop of rosy-purple flowers will give you some fantastic photo ops!

The White Redbud Tree - Single Stem


Cercis canadensis ‘Alba’

White Redbud Tree (or “Whitebud”) is a cool and classy white-flowered version of our native purplish-pink Redbud tree which meshes with more color schemes than the original. Plant it with yellow Butterflies Magnolia and pink Weeping Flowering Cherry for a spring blossom extravaganza, or underplant a grove of White Redbuds with native wildflowers like Virginia Bluebells and pink Woodland Phlox for a satisfying and soothing spring picture. This easy-to-grow, small to medium-sized ornamental tree is perfect for informal gardens in sun or shade, and it’s invaluable in transitioning between sunny areas and woodlands – a role native Redbuds often play in the wild.

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